Scientology + Atheism = 1Truth April 1, 2009

Scientology + Atheism = 1Truth

Man! I knew we shouldn’t have announced this on April Fools’ Day.

Now nobody’s going to believe it…

Scientology and Atheism unite, ‘sexy’ worldwide demonstrations scheduled

In an historic move, the surging Global Atheist Movement has officially joined forces with the controversial Church of Scientology to form a new organisation, 1Truth, capable of taking on the world’s major religions.

Although rumours of an amalgamation with the Church of Scientology have been circulating for some time, they had previously been dismissed by analysts as fanciful.

But GAM Australia CEO, Bryan McGee, has told the groups are a perfect fit.

“Although, by definition, we are anti-religion, Scientology is not so much a belief system as an integrated method of knowing,” he said.

“Their beliefs and practices are based on science — hence the name.

I take it we have to be nice to Tom Cruise now…?

(via The Religion Virus)

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  • Zered

    This had me going for a bit. I just about wrote a big tirade about scientology being as whacky and unscientific as any other religion. Nice one.

  • Tony Boling

    APRIL FOOLS! har har har

  • Tom Cruise


  • Reginald Selkirk

    Global Atheist Movement

    Gotta be a joke, or else you would have used the proper name of the Worldwide Atheist Conspiracy.

    Besides, any conspiracy that doesn’t involve the Illuminati is second rate.

  • LOL! You know, if there was any partnership that could give atheism a bigger social stigma than it already has, it’s Scientology. Ha!

    Good one. 🙂

  • Scientology is not so much a belief system as an integrated method of knowing,

    Ha ha ha ha. Brilliant.

  • Happy Atheist Day!

  • Skeptimal

    Great. This little joke is going to be the foundation for an urban legend that is going to be with us for decades.

    I’d lay money that it’s going to be in somebody’s Baptist sermon this coming Sunday, stated as fact.

  • Jesi

    It’s actually quite upsetting how the world thinks of Atheists… or shall I say realists??

  • andyinsdca

    This means my chances of boinking Jenna Elfman just went up.

  • Worldwide Atheist Conspiracy

    Actually, it’s the ‘New Church of Atheism’.


  • Vic

    1Truth, because of it’s 1 member, har har har.

  • Cynical Jones


    “….based on science FICTION

    actually, I read a comment by somebody last week who made the exact same claim. But s/he was serious.

  • SarahH


  • another Mike

    Could LRon have made up scientology as an April Fool’s joke in the first place, then when the money started rolling in, just let it roll?

  • Jen

    They say LRon invented Scientology on a dare, which I hope is true, because that would be awesome.

  • Twin-Skies

    Forget Tom Cruise! I wan Edward Norton!

  • izzy

    Scientology is worse than religion because even Hubbard said religion was the easiest way to make $$$$$. So, basically you’re a moron to put any belief in it.

    Sorry I don’t source anything, I’m too lazy to go back and find shit.

  • LRon and Darwkins team up:

    “Battlefield Creation”
    “The Selfish Thetan”

  • Thilina

    “Their beliefs and practices are based on science.” HaHa 😀 That was a good laugh

    Enough people hate atheists already. if this happenes we have to hate ourself.

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