JREF’s YouTube Account Suspended March 31, 2009

JREF’s YouTube Account Suspended

You’ve heard this already, I presume, but the James Randi Educational Foundation YouTube account was suspended yesterday.

Usually, these types of situations get resolved in a day’s time… but just in case:

To complain to YouTube, follow this link.

Scroll to the very bottom and click on “new issue.”

Select “suspended account” from the options and express your opinion (the account in question is JamesRandiFoundation).

For good measure, whoever is behind this got to the Rational Response Squad, too.

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  • Saint Splattergut

    I’ve done my part. 🙂

    Youtube should not bow down to easily offended folks… This is teh internetz. Deal with it. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. It’s not like someone is forcing them to watch execution videos or something.

  • I’ve been hiding on your blog up to now, but this really makes my blood boil. I’ve left behind a polite but urgent request for them to re-instate the account. Perhaps it was a good thing that there’s a 350 character limit, else it would have been less polite. 🙂

    Keep up the good work Hemant!

  • I admit I’m fairly unfamiliar with Youtube’s complaint process – but the link given to complain on wasn’t completely straightforward, and that, coupled with my inability to remember my username, aroused my impatience and I think that Youtube ended up with a rather very annoyed complaint from myself about JREF, Rational Response, AND Atheist Media suspended accounts…

  • Hopefully things get back to normal quickly. Unfortunately in the DMCA age YouTube doesn’t have much of a choice depending on the reason for the suspension. If it was a DMCA take down notice they have to comply until the issue can be sorted out… however filing a false DMCA takedown request has penalties.

  • Yes, time to severely enforce the perjury aspect of a false DMCA takedown.

    I bet it’s blinkin Yuri Gellar again…

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Any word on what reasons YouTube offered for shutting the account down? Or do they not feel obligated to provide reasons?

  • RBH

    The Rational Response Squad has been imploding for some months now, so I’m not surprised by their Youtube problems.

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