This Is What An Atheist Looks Like March 29, 2009

This Is What An Atheist Looks Like

Flickr user jaynedemarco has some nifty artwork up on the site. The theme is: “This is what an atheist looks like.”

Seth MacFarlane:


Angelina Jolie:


George Carlin:


Several more of these images will be put up over the next few weeks.

As for Jayne’s inspiration behind the art?

… i feel i should mention that a big part of the inspiration behind these pieces is my nephew Logan. he was asked at school if he believed in god. when he said no, he got crap for it. his father, my brother Thaddeus, told him to just tell the kids he did believe in god so they’d leave him alone. i see where Thaddeus is coming from, but i find this “solution” problematic. there is something to be said for visibility. i want people (especially kids) in this area to realize that atheists exist, and that some are their favorite comedians, actors, authors, etc. who knows if any good will come of this. i just want Logan to know he’s not alone and he doesn’t have to be ashamed of using his brain.

He’s definitely not alone and I agree: he shouldn’t have to keep his atheism in the closet just to avoid harassment.

Not that she’s necessarily taking suggestions, but who else would you like to see included in this series?

(via Jayne DeMarco)

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  • Ian

    I want to see Hemant Mehta!

    Or Jesus (since early Christians were called atheists by the ruling majorities).

  • Dallas

    I first became an atheist when I was in middle school and I got a lot of heat for it from my fellow students. People would threaten to beat me up a lot even. So I eventually went to the administration and asked for some help for all the bullying and the assistant principal suggested I just tell them I did believe in god.

    Even at that age I knew that was the wrong idea and that it would go against my cause and that I should be accepted for who I am. My assistant principal called my dad and told him right in front of my face that she thought this was just a “phase” I’m going through. They didn’t even really pretend to be sympathetic.

  • magdalune

    How about Daniel Radcliffe?

  • Me! 🙂 OK, so I’m not really famous. But still….

  • This is a GREAT idea! I will never forget the reaction of the first theist I told about my atheism. She had never met one, and she said, “But you’re so sweet!” People picture mean, cold, angry people when they think of atheists, and I love this idea!

    Kudos to Jayne!

  • cate

    maynard james keenan
    keanu reeves

  • Jared

    I got kind of lucky with the first theist I told about me being atheist as she had no idea what atheism was.

    But yes good going Jayne, I enjoyed that artwork.

  • How about Rachel Griffiths (beautiful and very talented Australian actress)?

  • Lee

    No list of noteworthy atheists would be complete without Mother Teresa, of course…

  • AnonyMouse

    I think that Mother Teresa only qualifies as agnostic, unfortunately.

  • mikespeir

    The first one’s not an atheist. He’s smiling.

  • Robert Smith of the Cure, Robert Smith (formerly of the Minnesota Vikings,) Harvey Fierstein, Natalie Portman, Cillian Murphy…

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Sadly, George Carlin is a former atheist.

  • Dallas

    Jodie Foster. Great project!

  • Zar

    Angelina Jolie? Really? Fantastic!

    Also: Katherine Hepburn, Kurt Vonnegut, and BRUCE LEE!!!!!

  • Scott M.

    Pat Tillman

  • Vincent

    Jeanine Garofalo

    and Batman

  • chancelikely

    Douglas Adams.

  • AxeGrrl

    how about Bob Geldof?

    the idea that such a famously ‘charitable’ person could be ‘godless’ might make peoples’ heads explode 🙂

    or actress/director Sarah Polley….she’s blond and angelic looking and soooo typically-Canadian ‘nice’ 🙂

  • AxeGrrl

    Ian said:

    Or Jesus (since early Christians were called atheists by the ruling majorities).

    I have a deliciously perfect ‘addition’ to that idea…..

    Make it into a t-shirt ~ with Jesus on the front, and on the back, an image of Kathy Griffin holding up her ‘no-one-had-LESS-to-do-with-this-award-than-Jesus’ Emmy!

  • cassiek

    I love all these suggestions and would like to add Dave Matthews, Mark Twain and Isaac Asimov.

  • chris

    Since when does Seth Macfarlane look like Ken Leung?

  • JJ


    Although her career technically only just got started, she has to be one of the hottest (and most interesting) atheists on the planet.

  • My mother, a devout born-again christian, disowned me when I told her I was a non-believer.
    I lost my religion after watching the Ziegiest Movie Pt. 1, and after further educating myself about the roots of ALL religions…..which stem all (were stolen) from the pagans.
    Check out my “Athiest, what of them?” page;

  • anjelina

    I love all these suggestions , and bye the way Since when does Seth Macfarlane look like Ken Leung?

  • Allison

    Sorry Vincent, Janeane Garofalo is now a Scientologist.

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