Does Satan Exist? No. Debate Over. March 27, 2009

Does Satan Exist? No. Debate Over.

I watched this last night. It was painful.

Nightline brought together four people — all of whom believe in the supernatural — to debate the existence of Satan.

Because apparently, that needs to be debated…

Here’s all you need to know about the event: Representing the “rational” side was… Deepak Chopra.

I’d say everybody lost.

It would’ve been nice to have atheist representation on the show, but I suppose Nightline wanted more of an argument than, “Satan?! Really? Are you people shitting me? You believe this?!”

But in case you feel like getting angry tonight, have fun watching this:

The full debate (and unaired footage) can be seen here.

… philosopher Deepak Chopra and Bishop Carlton Pearson will face-off against Pastor Mark Driscoll of the Mars Hill Church and Annie Lobert, founder of the Christian ministry “Hookers for Jesus” about the existence of the Devil.

Pearson, by the way, is the pastor who was featured on This American Life as the pastor who stopped believing in Hell.

(via Atheist Media Blog)

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  • Tony

    Oh wow, if there were awards for inanity this is the gold medalist. Provocative? Next week: Leprechaun gold; magical or ill-gotten?

  • NYCatheist

    Let me know when they debate something important, like whether the Balrog has wings.

  • Tony

    The Easter Bunny; Just where does he get all those EGGS!?

  • Julie

    How is bringing together 4 people from religious backgrounds, 3 of whom are Christians, a “face-off” in any subject? I’d say more like a… back-rub. Or foursome. Not to mention the only reason for their “expertise” is that they’re absurdly religious.

  • Ryan

    Christian theology is baffling. I thought that in Christian theology, angels lacked free will, and this is why humanity was created?

  • SImon

    I will only have one thing to say…
    “Hookers for Jesus”?

    That’s… pretty pimp!

  • If anyone has ever heard god or the devil speak to them usually requires some anti-psychotics. What proof do these jackasses have?

  • I watched the entire thing and thought it was very interesting. Some very good comments were brought up (mainly by the guys on the right side of stage).

  • On the written transcripts for this there needs to be a big fat [Citation Needed] next to every single thing that Mark Driscoll says. It’s just one unevidenced assertion after another.

  • debg

    Aaarrgghhhhhh!!!!!!! This was difficult to watch right from the start. The moderator says in the first few seconds that the topic of the debate is whether or not Satan exists. Then he says that 70% of Americans believe he does. Then after this, he (apparently) changes the topic of the debate to who or what Satan is – not whether or not he exists – like was stated 10 seconds earlier… What happened to the representation of the other 30% of us who don’t believe Satan exists?

  • Of course Satan exists, who else would bring presents at Christmas?

  • Bee

    Liked the hypothetical response from an atheist, had to LOL at that one.

  • Tom

    That darn Satan! Always makin’ me sin and all that…

    Well at least Chopra is asking them to take responsibility and confront their issues.

  • Twin-Skies

    Of course Satan exists, who else would bring presents at Christmas?

    Dressed in a red suit, assistants have pointy ears and horns, know whether you’ve been naughty or nice…

    …and steals my milk and cookies.

  • Chris W

    Typical. Satan and a bunch of angels rebelled against God in heaven and then tempted man in the garden of Eden? There’s nothing like that in the Bible. That’s John Milton, pal.

  • cassiek

    I noticed that too, Chris.

    Course I always sided with Lucifer…and like the bible it is fiction.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    ‘A legend in Slovakia’
    For helping nation shine on world stage, Satan’s a hero in native land

    When Miroslav Satan joined the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins last week, he became one of, if not the most decorated international hockey players ever to lace up the skates in the AHL.

    I believe.

  • Roxanne

    is this for real? was this on national television? this is amazing drivel that I cannot believe was actually a legitimate debate…

    i’m going for a walk…

  • Corino

    Hookers For Jesus? Really?

  • Nero Null

    Overall I consider Chopra to be a tool, but in the end I couldn’t agree with him more. “Be done with Satan and confront your own issues.”

  • I didn’t have the stomach to watch it. Hemant, your point is well-taken about all these people in the debate believing in the supernatural. Maybe first they should debate over whether the supernatural realm they profess to believe in exists. Then once they’ve reached some silly consensus they can go off on their own and nitpick about what characters are involved…!

  • Mark vP

    I stumbled onto your website. I do find it rather ironic that Free Bible Software is being advertised on this site!

    Maybe you should try it…Free…No strings attached!

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