Atheist Billboards Up in North Texas March 27, 2009

Atheist Billboards Up in North Texas

At least the billboards are being put up in a place that really needs them, what with the Christianists trying to force their ridiculous ideas into the science curriculum in that state.

The billboards, much like the bus ads, are not there to convert passers-by. Rather, the hope is to reach the atheists who think they’re alone.

“We’re not trying to attract people who believe in God. We’re not trying to change their minds,” said Terry McDonald with Metroplex Atheists.

“It’s to let those people who don’t believe know that they’re not alone and that there are a lot of groups that they can become involved in,” said McDonald.

The billboards will stand along I-35 near Loop 12 in Northwest Dallas and I-35 at Braswell in North Fort Worth.

Good luck to them. Let’s hope more of these popular billboards are put up elsewhere.

Now, go congratulate Ensign Rose for posting about this before me 🙂

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  • And these billboards herald the beginning of the Dallas/Fort Worth Coalition of Reason, found at!

  • Hey, I-35 is supposed to be God’s Highway, didn’t you know? At least according to some loons PZ was making fun of a yearor so back….

  • Haha! Holy Crap, Friendly Atheist reads my blog!

  • schism

    Stupid DFW gets all the cool stuff. What does Denton County get? Nothin’.


    (yeah, yeah, I know it’s because there’s, like, three atheists around here)

  • Help! We need a dozen or so here in Houston!

  • Stephen James

    Please put links up so that you can go from one entry to the next.

  • The FFRF with the Atheist Community of Topeka is also putting up billboards in Topeka, Kansas.

    The comments at the bottom of the news article will make you laugh.. or grit your teeth.

  • This is great. Can’t wait to see one of these billboards here in Utah someday.

  • Phil Bear

    We have one in Boise, Idaho too!
    Good for us.

  • Susie Southwood

    Finally! How about agnostics? They need a billboard too.

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