Watch Carl Sagan’s Cosmos For Free on Hulu March 24, 2009

Watch Carl Sagan’s Cosmos For Free on Hulu

The whole 13-episode run of Cosmos is freely available to watch on Hulu!

Just in case you had a desire to watch quality programming tonight…

What’s your favorite scene in the series?

Name an episode and time-marker so we can watch it, too!

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  • amz

    Cosmos is so fantastic that it’s really hard for me to pick a “favorite scene”, but here are some of my favorites, that I can remember offhand:

    (I can’t access Hulu, so I’m basing my timestamps on the version I have, hopefully they’ll match)

    Ep1 (“The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean”):
    * The whole “ship of the imagination” segment (first half of episode)

    Ep3 (“Harmony of the Worlds”):
    * The Dream @ 52:40 -> end of ep

    Ep5 (“Blues for a Red Planet”):
    * The Exploration of Mars @ 25:00 -> 29:40

    Ep6 (“Traveller’s Tales”):
    * Ship log of the Voyager Spacecraft @ 46:48 -> 50:45

    Ep7 (“The Backbone of Night”):
    * The stars as flames @ 09:55 -> 11:57

    Ep8 (“Travels in Space and Time”):
    * We are star stuff @ 48:05 -> end of ep

    Ep10 (“The Edge of Forever”):
    * God of the gaps @ 34:42 -> 36:25

    Ep13 (“Who Speaks For Earth?”):
    * Our choice and dream about the end @ 06:46 -> 17:20
    * Human achievements @ 50:46 -> 52:05
    * We speak for Earth @ 53:40 -> End of ep

    Damn, this is hard… I’m tempted to flag all of episode 13 as “favorite scene”, so I guess that I’ll stop here.

  • Dennis N

    AHHHHH I’m so excited! I was gonna buy it on Amazon, but this saves me a bunch of money!

  • BathTub

    Darn Hulu, still Americans Only!

  • Frank

    This is SO AWESOME! Bringing such pearls to the unwashed heathen brethren!

    Too bad that still 85% of Americans would rather read the baable than watch it.

    30 frakkin’ years and the series is STILL scientifically valid!

    We miss you so, dear Carl!

  • Rufus

    googol & googolplex. The Lives of the Stars, 7:55 – 10:30

  • it’s great that more people in the u.s. will have access to cosmos –but– it’s available in the u.s. only.

    guess what? most of the world is outside the u.s.

  • Jon

    Now Carl Sagan IS God.

  • JimboB

    Sweet! Beats the hell out of paying $$$ to own it.

    I checked out my local library’s copy a few years ago. Perhaps I’ll watch them again via Hulu.

  • I have to agree that the entire 13th episode is the best. The whole series is awesome, but it was the 13th episode that completely changed my life, especially the quote:

    They accepted the products of science, but not it’s method

    The intensity I felt in that one moment has rarely been replicated.

  • Erik

    I’m trying to remember back to the last time I saw it, but I seem to recall the animated description of evolution to be a great way of introducing it to people who don’t understand the concept.

  • I always remember the Samurai Crab segment. It was the AHA moment when I finally understood evolution. Of course, having gone to all the trouble and expense of procuring the show on DVD, I have no use for it on Hulu.

    Seems like a show like Cosmos would counteract all the brain mushing crap those Hulu aliens are counting on to liquefy are brains.

  • ilaria

    Sagan doing the whales call, lol
    And then the episode about my adoptive country, the Netherlands, always ahead of times.
    The japanese crab thing, poetic.
    The gogol and the apple pie.
    I can’t really choose, there are so many…

    I’m outside the US but I have the DVD box!

  • Seems like a show like Cosmos would counteract all the brain mushing crap those Hulu aliens are counting on to liquefy are brains

    LOL! Good point.

    I absolutely love this program; no way I could pic a favorite part. Any idea how long it’ll stay up on Hulu?

  • I love the segment where Sagan is in the Great Library of Alexandria. That and when he rides that old bike in the countryside to help explain the theory of relativity, IIRC.

  • Bill Walker

    Does it come with text ? I have a hearing problem.

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