Anyone Listen to Rush Limbaugh? March 22, 2009

Anyone Listen to Rush Limbaugh?

Because Rush Limbaugh says you do.

Here’s a partial transcript from March 20th (emphasis mine):

Something else that I want some of you to think about, and I know that many in this audience — not all — but I know that some of you in this audience are part of the mob. Some of you in this audience — because this audience spans all boundaries. We appeal to all political persuasions, all ideologies, all three sexes, all religions, all non-religions, and I know that some of you in this audience are part of the mob, and some of you listening to me today just are — you’re flat-out angry at me, can’t believe what you’re hearing me say, because you know the truth. You know AIG stole from you. AIG stole from America. AIG stole — AIG is responsible. AIG, they’ve got to pay. They’ve got to pay because Obama said so. Their bonuses were in the legislation Obama signed and Congress wrote, but all that aside, something you need to know. The banking crisis is not solved. The Obama bank solvency program is yet to be announced. Timothy Geithner has not yet put forward his plan to bring about two things: to eliminate these toxic assets that are eliminating the second thing that needs to happen, and that is the free flow of credit at market prices. Nothing has been done on that yet.

Anyone?… Anyone?… Bueller…?

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  • Eddie

    Rush Limbaugh, The Pope, and George W. Bush walk into a bar….

    …i got nothing…

  • mkb

    Does it count when my neighbor is listening to Rush real loud while working in his yard? It’s hard not to hear Rush then.

  • cathy

    I wonder if he really is just that foolish (experience says it’s quiet possible) or if he thinks that the right wing, racist, homophobic, trans-hating, fundamentalist Christians that make up the majority of his audience constitutes everyone. “This audience spans all boundaries” my ass. As a queer, feminist, socialist (I’m actually an official member of the Socialist Party), atheist I can tell you for damned sure that Rush and his like do not appeal to me. Just seeing clips, reading that bit of a transcript, makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

  • John

    I keep thinking I should monitor his broadcast so I’m always aware of his latest nonsense. But, I just can’t bring myself to do it. I think I’m alergic to all the straw in the air from him slaying a straw army.

  • I listen to the Limbaugh Lie of the Day podcast. Does that count?

  • godfrey

    Even when I was a “red-neck” Boy Scout leader (and a closet atheist and gay sympathyzer) I didn’t like Rush. That guy has a voice like a hammer, with a staccato delivery to match. Annoying to the point of a headache listening to that clown…even if he’s occasionally right. Hell, even Ray Comfort is right- for instance- when when he pays his bills…just keep him away from the “bananas”.

  • Nope. Rush is just preaching to the choir. I don’t know anyone under the age of 40 who listens to him willingly.

  • beckster

    for shits and giggles. . .

  • I had a boss that used to listen to Rush in his cubical, and I had no choice but to listen to him. Then I had to listen to my boss repeat the day’s Republican talking points.

  • Nancy

    I read the Limbaugh Wire provided by MediaMatters. They summarize each of the 3 hours of the show each day. They have quotes from the show as well as audio portions of the show.

    I can only read the summaries, the quotes and audio make me crazy. I find myself screaming at the radio. I do know people who listen to this maniac and believe every lie that comes out of his mouth.

    He is “Boss Limbaugh” unofficial leader of the Republican Party.

  • All three sexes? I don’t understand.

  • All three sexes? I don’t understand.

    It’s a joke about trannies.

  • Gabriel

    No. I’ve never liked hime. I always have been offended by him. I served 8 years in the Navy and I always thought he was a disgrace. He was and is a chicken hawk. He dodged the draft but was only too happy to send others off to war. Also he was a drug addict and a child molester who thought he shouldn’t be punished but wanted every one else punished in the harshest ways possible.

  • Richard Wade

    What is the difference between Rush Limbaugh and the Hindenburg?

    One is a flaming Nazi gas bag, and the other is a dirigible.

    All I can stand of Comedian Rush Limbaugh is what I hear when he’s featured on Worst Person in the World by Keith Olbermann.

    He’s the kind of guy who gives stupid, ignorance-loving bigoted bottom feeders a bad reputation.

  • Amy

    I was subjected to an hour of Rush when I was waiting to get my car fixed. I tried like hell to tune him out, but in the end probably wore some enamel off my teeth from clenching them so hard, his delivery is very much like a hammer. The man is an egotistical, arrogant, misanthropic ass who gets far more attention than he deserves.

  • manyhats

    As a registered Independent I make a conscious effort to listen to opinions from across the political spectrum, and I even used to listen to Rush, but the day I heard him denounce acid rain as a mere Leftist Liberal tree-hugger conspiracy was the last day I listened to him. He’s nothing but hot air. His scientific knowledge is laughably scant, his economic ideas are based on disproven premises, and his social ideas are based on dogmas I don’t buy into. An utter waste of time if you ask me.

  • Craig

    Rush who?

  • It’s a joke about trannies.

    In that case, I thought there would be more than three. Oh, well.

  • Mikko


  • While I am politically conservative, I don’t listen to Rush and I am an atheist, so it would at least be possible in my case.

  • Lauren Cocilova

    No. My blood pressure is high enough. Jon Stewart is funny enough to counteract the depressing that is the nightly News Hour, but I don’t think even he could bring me out of the enraged funk Limbaugh would induce.

    Side note: last night at my niece’s birthday party, her other-side grandfather said he wishes Rush would just take too many pills and die already, worthless man that he is.

  • travgav

    i am surprised most atheist people that i have meet are libertarians or republicans. Then i come here and it seems everyone is a socialist democrat it is kind of disappointing. Have any of you read Atlas shrugged or The Revolution? Obama should not have his hands in any private businesses.

    Anyway now Rush is referring to non-believers to GREAT.

  • cassiek

    For a brief period in 1992, right after Bill Clinton won the election, I listened to Rush just to laugh at him foaming at the mouth. Politically I would classify myself as a social liberal and a fiscal conservative. I believe that politicians should keep their laws off our private lives and their hands off our money if they are just going to hand it to their cronies and not spend it on something beneficial such as education or health care.

    And btw Rush, wasn’t the AIG deal signed last fall? Last I heard Obama was sworn in January…

  • Every now and then, I’ll tune in while driving to see if he’s spouting off. When he is, I can only take him in small doses. In very rare instances, he’ll say something I agree with (“The government never saves you money. The government always costs you money.”), but then he’ll follow it up with hate-filled tripe that reveals his bigotted, hate-filled nature. There much more of the latter than the former.

  • Alex Malecki

    I listen to Rush ironically.

  • schism

    I wonder if he really is just that foolish…

    I always get the impression that Limbaugh (and O’Reilly, for that matter) is a pure demagogue. He probably realizes most of the talking points he pushes are incorrect if not outright fabricated, but, because his bloviating grants him the audience he desires, he simply doesn’t care.

    Contrast this with someone like Hannity, who actually seems stupid enough to believe everything he says.

  • No, I can’t. I just get angry. I suppose he could be a great motivator.

    I know a lot of people under 40 in Kansas that listen to him (my husband included, but I forgive him).

    A friend gave me Michael Savage’s book one Christmas and then Ann Coulter’s book the next year. He found it amusing. I tried to read them, but only made it about three pages before giving up.

    It’s not that I can’t understand the point of view. I grew up with it. You mislead and lie to your audience to get them to side with your point of view. Facts don’t matter. Now that I understand it I can’t abide to be lied to.

  • I used to watch his tv show back in the 90’s. “American Held Hostage Day X and Counting” as Clinton was president I recall.

    Otherwise, he’s not a part of media choices.

  • Reynvaan

    I used to listen to him, until I discovered The Daily Show. Now, almost 5 years later, I only ever hear Rush when Keith Olbermann makes fun of him.

  • Jack

    This wouldn’t be too surprising. Yeah atheists don’t really skew conservative, but there are definitely some out there. Wouldn’t be surprised if a few called into Rush. I think people who read atheist blogs are probably less likely to listen though.

  • well, there are conservative atheists.

  • Vystrix Nexoth

    Have any of you read Atlas Shrugged or The Revolution?

    “Have any of you read the Bible or The Dawkins Delusion?”

    Obama should not have his hands in any private businesses.

    Then private businesses should not have their hands on any of us.

  • Rush Limbaugh wishes he was Howard Stern.

    But he’s not.

  • I’m under the age of 40, and I listen to him willingly. He’s quite entertaining, and I even find myself agreeing with him on some things – especially his free market principles.

  • goffers

    I’ve been trying to listen to him, but I don’t find he makes many points. He is just making overly vague attacks on “liberals”. I just get a kind of general sense that he is against taxes, lazy people, and “whiners”. Or something like that. Whatever…I feel like I have taken the Rush Limbaugh challenge now, and can go back to ignoring the flaming Nazi gas bag (I love that!).

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