A Few More Pope Cartoons March 22, 2009

A Few More Pope Cartoons

Unlike the last one, these better reflect how people ought to be thinking about the Pope. His words just get more under my skin the more I think about it…

From Chan Lowe:


From Mike Luckovich:


From Tony Auth:


(via Slate)

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  • These would be funny if not for the shocking truth.

  • AmberEyes

    The first one makes me want to hit somebody.

  • JJ

    God really has some sex issues. Just look what he did to Onan..

  • snafu

    You missed the one from The Times (reproduced here). It’s a bit of a classic, and drew a letter in response from the Archbishop of Westminster.

  • Fr. Terry Donahue, CC

    I wonder what Dr. Edward Green, Senior Harvard Research Scientist for AIDS Prevention, would think of these cartoons.

    Harvard Researcher agrees with Pope on condoms in Africa (interview)

    AIDS and the Churches: Getting the Story Right (full article)

    His credentials:

    Edward Green is an applied, medical anthropologist with 30 years of experience in developing countries in project design, implementation and evaluation, as well as in basic and operations research, social marketing, behavior change & communication (BCC), health education, and indigenous, non-Western medicine.
    His sectoral experience includes AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases, family planning, primary health care, maternal & child health, children affected by war, child nutrition, water and sanitation, environmental health, U.S. minority health, biodiversity and conservation, and cancer programs…

    Author of five books, editor of one book and author of over 250 peer-reviewed journal articles or book chapters, conference papers, or commissioned technical reports.

  • Mr. Peterdactyl

    See more of the Amazing Miterman at:
    It is very supportive of condom use, just like these cartoons.

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