The Award for Christian Book of the Year Goes To… March 21, 2009

The Award for Christian Book of the Year Goes To…

The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association announced the winners of the 2009 Christian Book Awards on Thursday.

The winner for 2009 Christian Book of the Year?

(Drum roll, please.)

The Bible.


I’m shocked, I tell you.

How would you like to have been nominated in that category?

“Yay! I’m up for Christian Book of the Year! I wonder what else is nomina—… Oh $#%&!”

(They wouldn’t swear, of course… I’m picturing in my mind the person screaming “Ohhhh noooooooo” a la comedian Mike Birbiglia (around the 2:45 mark).)

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  • Wait, the bible was made in 2009? Does that mean my bible class was only using drafts?

  • The link says that a particular study bible won. This blog entry is misleading. Otherwise, it might have been worth commenting: “Bible wins award. Author unavailable for comment.”

  • That’s just stupid and an insult to all contemporary Christian authors. If I were writing in that genre I would boycott the awards in the future. What a crock.

  • Bart the Pirate

    Which Bible?

  • Reminds me of the woman whose film won best something (documentary?) in 2004, who said “I can’t tell you how happy we are Lord of the Rings wasn’t eligible in this category.”

  • Autumnal Harvest

    Writerdd, I don’t see why this is stupid or an insult. As secular planet points out, the award was to the “ESV Study Bible,” so the meaning of the award is not “Hey, the Bible is a good book,” but “This study Bible has good materials for understanding the Bible.” I’ve not read it, but I browsed it in a bookstore a few weeks ago, and it looked pretty good.

  • fw

    “They wouldn’t swear, of course”

    Oh really? You’re so sure about that.

  • With so many Bibles out there (e.g., The Soldier’s Bible, The Man’s Bible, The Student’s Bible, The Spirit-Filled Bible, etc.), it is probably helpful to distinguish among them with the occasional award.

  • brad

    I don’t understand the point of this post. If a bible won every year, then it would make sense, but the article says this is the first time a bible has won the award. Am I missing something?

  • Aww come on. Can’t they come up with something original? The Bible should just be understood as being excluded from this contest. Make it the top Christian book *other than* the Bible…make ’em think!

  • The Bible should win the “atheist book of the year” as well, as reading that book has probably turned more people into atheists than any other work.

  • Michael

    It’s not really just The Bible, it’s the ESV Study Bible. It has (apparently insightful) commentary and a good translation.

    That’s not to say it’s a cop-out. I’d think it would probably be a cop-out for someone to pick a newly-commented version of James Joyce’s Ulysses to be the best fiction book of 2009. It may be true, but it kind of misses the point.

  • They even squash the creativity of their own.

  • If they have a category for Christian science books, perhaps I’ll quickly draft of a volume that has the text “God did it” on every page. I’m sure it would win. Someone might get the award the next year, though, by publishing a new book that has the text “God definitely did it” on every page. There is always room for improvement. 🙄

  • Hanks

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the title “The winner for 2009 Christian Book of the Year”.

    It can applied to any book , whether published 2 or 2000 years ago.

    It means that book won 2009 award. Those who start the fuss, can’t you read?

  • Christophe Thill

    Now, that’s a great choice for a book for kids! Of course it’s filled with rape, incest, mass slaughter, arbitrary and despotic laws, etc, not to mention superstition. But come on, this is all part of life. You can never learn about it too early. I guess.

  • LOL.

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