Out of Touch with Reality March 21, 2009

Out of Touch with Reality

Here’s an interesting cartoon from the New Zealand Herald News:


“He might be in touch with God but he’s definitely not in touch with reality”?

Blogger Ken had the same reaction I did to it:

I think that it’s safe to assume that anyone who claims they are in touch with God is out of touch with reality.

It’s bad enough the Pope has that much influence. It’s even worse when he makes irresponsible statements like he has been.

(via Open Parachute)

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  • Jeff Satterley

    They can give out special dispensations to let some people eat meat on a Friday, but not to allow the use condoms to protect the African people from a deadly disease…

    Yeah that’s pretty f*$%ed

  • Almost Funny (Again).

  • He’s sick.

    Since when moral principles are more valuable than giving aid to people? I mean…

    I’m just mad at this f*****-up parody of a human.

  • This is why I am finally putting in motion something I’ve been wanting to do for years:


  • You have to write them a letter of defection, and have it entered on record? News to me. I had no idea there was any bureaucracy involved. I just stopped going to church.

  • teammarty

    I’d rather go for excommunication.

    Actually I was publicly ostrasized in the 10th grade for the heinous crime of listening to DEVO. No really. The priest pointed to me during a school mass (I was too young to just skip) and yelled out “YOU ARE SATANIC” while I rolled on the floor laughing. I relligion class, I told them I thought that it was Ironic that I was satanic for not listening to popular music like Black Sabbath. And in two years “Whip It” became a big hit and everyone was dancing to DEVO at the sock hops.

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