Cheesus Crust Pizza March 17, 2009

Cheesus Crust Pizza

I gotta say: This is the least blasphemous piece of blasphemy I’ve seen in a long time:

Cheesallujah to you all!

There’s even a Facebook group for the pizza.

(Thanks to Margot for the link!)

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  • Bastards stole my idea!

    Well actually my idea was for a restaurant that only sells grilled cheese sandwiches and name it Cheeses Of Nazareth. But only if i opened it in Nazareth, Pa.

  • Lauren

    Mrrrrfff. Never wanted religion more in my life. Don’t tempt me with your delicious cheesus!!

  • Janis Chambers

    Oh I see where this is going. The Catholic church was able to conform Goddess worshipers with the Virgin Mary and now they set their sights on the Pastifarians with a tasty Italian dish of their own. The Flying Spaghetti Monster shall not stand for such blasphemous meals! *snicker snicker*

  • przxqgl

    i’m really surprised people are just beginnig to notice this… back in 1997, there was a web site called Cheeses of Nazareth (all that’s left of it now is archived material), and i remember at the time wondering why more people hadn’t noticed the obvious anguish languish

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