Well, That’s Embarrassing March 13, 2009

Well, That’s Embarrassing

F*** My Life, my favorite website this week, explains why you should never criticize religion: It will come back to bite you in the ass:

Today, I called a priest “lame”. He responded jokingly with “God will smite you!”. I laughed and walked out the door. I tripped and broke my ankle. FML

When was the last time you got embarrassed just when you thought you had some upper hand?

(via FML)

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  • Ender

    Post hoc ergo propter hoc

    That or the priest should be arrested for conspiracy and/or accomplice to grievous bodily harm.

  • PK

    a priest touched me when i was little. i told him “god will smite you”. he laughed and walked out the door. but no smiting, the church protected him. FML

  • die kleinen Dinge bestrafft der liebe Gott gleich

  • Fredi

    So there is such a thing as “atheist superstition” – that is very interesting.
    I don’t believe in lucky charms, but they are supposed to work even if you don’t believe in them …

  • TheDeadEye

    Meh. I’d rather watch Funniest Home Videos. At least I know they actually happened; even if some of them might have been staged.

  • On the plus side, it was only a broken ankle instead of death. God’s powers are weakening…

  • Considering Yahweh’s supposed record on smiting, that’s pretty lame.

  • Devysciple

    I experienced quite the opposite this week (on thursday, to be mire precise):

    It was the first time I totally pwned three of my co-workers when discussing the school shooting here in Germany. I disemvoweled every single one of their irrational arguments as how to prevent such a crime from ever happening again.

    I guess I am not willing to be kind towards people with irrational, and sometimes downright stupid ideas anymore.

    Regarding your question, I rarely claim to or think that I have some upper hand, therefore I cannot recall the last time I seriously got embarrassed in an argument. If realizing that something I said was complete BS counts, I’d go with: every single time I had the patience to stick to an argument for more than five minutes. After all, I’m just human, and I know that I know nothing (not sure about that one, either *wink*)

  • Wow. The priest’s response was a little…excessive. It was a rather tame insult that a good Christian (let alone a priest) should have taken in stride. Instead, he threatens to unleash a rabid deity on him. That’s just mean.

  • Andrew

    I gave a speech about atheism last semester in my required “Communication 101” class last semester. I was explaining what we collectively believe, yadda yadda yadda.

    So of course, out of every speech given that week, it would have to be during my speech that the power fails. Being a sunken classroom in the northwest during fall, that meant it was pretty dark for the whole ten seconds of power failure.

    I got a lower grade on my speech because of it. My visuals were all powerpoint based, and the power shortage messed with the rooms sole computer. Not to mention everyone in the room coming out more set in their beliefs, as god had shown up the atheist.

    Best speech ever.

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