SoulPancake March 10, 2009


Not that you need yet another website about religion to check out, but SoulPancake was created in part by Rainn Wilson (a.k.a. Dwight Schrute from The Office). He mentioned it on Oprah’s Soul Series Webcast yesterday, so you *know* it must be good.

He can tell you all about it:

They have a 2-second theme song for the site?

I want a 2-second theme song for my site 🙁

I’m jealous.

Rainn Wilson must be defeated.

Incidentally, Wilson is a member of the Bahá’í Faith. And this site is about all matters of spirituality, not just atheism, so I suspect some of the topics won’t go over so well with the militant atheist types.

Like this one: You can’t see your soul, but can you smell it?

Not really a topic atheists would find worthwhile. But then again, some of you don’t like my postings about babies. So who knows what your tastes are like…

Looks interesting nonetheless 🙂

(Thanks to Julie for the link!)

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  • Godfrey

    Spiritual atheists…uh-huh. I had to laugh when an acquaintance explained the baha’i faith to me. The belief that messianic people are but one more manifestatation of dog pretty much makes them mortal enemies of (true) xtians and muslims in one swell foop.

    On a side note, I notice that the “Soul Pancake” is right above the “Feces…” topic. Maybe you CAN smell a soul.

  • penn

    Isn’t “militant atheist” generally a strawman pejorative used by theists to discredit atheists? Not to be the PC police or anything, but the term isn’t very friendly in my book. It’s similar to “militant feminist” which is also used by the rightwing to attack anyone who is outspoken for women’s rights. They are terms that seek to discredit those who are outspoken in their beliefs as unreasonable or extremists. It’s a losing proposition to adopt the framing of your opponents.

  • I hate the term “militant atheist.” I don’t see the AHA, the AAI, CFI, SSA, or any of those groups taking up arms and establishing paramilitary training camps (as cool as that would be, in one of those “I had the most badass dream last night, and you were there, and you were there, and Chris Hitchens was there” sort of ways). “Militant atheist” was a term coined by theists- much like “Darwinist”- to discredit their opposition, which is us.

    I far prefer “aggressive” atheist. It’s at least… accurate.

  • David D.G.

    Zarathustra, the term “militant” is not meant literally in that context, not even by people who hate atheists; it’s just an expression that, it so happens, does equate to “aggressive.”

    I’m not wild about the “militant atheist” label either, but there are some people for whom the term seems appropriate — and if that’s insulting, well, perhaps it should be. Fanatics are irritating, including fanatical atheists.

    As for soul-sensing, I don’t think it can be seen, felt, or smelt. But it can be heard — just listen to Aretha Franklin. ;^D

    ~David D.G.

  • I’m wondering if this site is a bit postmodernist.

    “There are no right or wrong answers, so speak up!”

    This is incorrect. There are right or wrong answers. To think otherwise is to slide into postmodernist thought and nihilism.

  • Bart, I have a seething hatred for pomo, but I think that can be a legit statement… it depends on if the question is asking for an opinion or not. There are misguided opinions, but you can’t really call any opinion “wrong”.

  • Keith

    I think it was a performance art type of site, though I didn’t spend a lot of time on it.

    I appreciate your posts,Hemant, looking forward to more.

  • Nena F.

    To think otherwise…

    It sounds so familiar….

    Christians say that only way to be saved is to belive in Jahve. Those who think otherwise will go to hell. Ordnung must sein!

    One of my best friends are Baha’i and other are Christians…..

    Obiously I must be nihilist by that definition.

    Herman I like your post. I would like my children would read it, through this site.

  • Even if I don’t agree with him on everything, Rainn Wilson is HILARIOUS. So far I’m enjoying the site.

    Spirituality is one of those tough words that everyone seems to have a different definition for.

    Can you be spiritual and an athiest? I think so.

    Am I spiritual? No.

  • Vic

    Well, at least he’s not Xtian. But, according to the Wikipedia page (take it as you may), the Bahá’í faith is very anti-gay, and inherently homophobic religions just make my heart sink. People are bigoted enough without their religion helping them along.

  • Kayla

    “Can you be spiritual and an athiest?” Certainly!

    I am, at least.

  • For folks who read this blog, the link below is a question I posted. The answers more or less sum up my experience there so far:

    I’d like to continue presenting a humanist/nontheist viewpoint, but I don’t think anyone participating would learn enough to make it worth my time. The site’s set up doesn’t make it easy to feel like you’re a member of a community anyway.

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