Peter Goes to Straight Camp March 10, 2009

Peter Goes to Straight Camp

I missed this episode of Family Guy.

But at least I have seen the best part: Peter going to a Christian “Straight Camp”:

(via The Invisible Pink Unicorn)

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  • Hemant, the whole episode is on Hulu:

    Watched it last night…pretty hilarious.

  • Ender

    We’re sorry, but you’re not American enough to watch this video.

  • Leanstrum

    The best part is actually the brain-damaged horse…

  • Man, I bet straight camp is just like AA where they make you confess to a higher power or some crap. Why can’t there be secular straight camps?!?

  • Vicky

    Somehow, every time I see a link to a Hulu video I click on it, somehow thinking that this one, magical time, they will invite us friendly Canucks to take a gander. Alas, no. I do the same thing with Comedy Central videos.

  • John C

    The best part is a conversation between Brian and Stewie about how homosexuality. Stewie shouts out a bible verse from Leviticus and the conversation goes something like this (can’t remember exactly):

    Brian: You’re blindly quoting bible verses and you can’t even read.
    Stewie: Welcome to America, man.

  • That’s priceless.

  • maria


  • If I pretend to be American will you let me watch the clip? I could get an oversized hat, a bible and a gun and claim to be from Texas.

  • Yes I am not American enough to watch either


  • Polly

    I saw the episode on Sunday night. It was funny, but I wish they didn’t go so simple-minded on the straight camp’s methods. There was a goldmine of comedy in that scenario and they merely went with straight gay-bashing (literally).

    btw – The American Dad episode where he befriends an atheist conservative is one of my all time favorites.

  • I thought the episode was funny, and also touched on some extremities that I have seen gays exhibit. It also highlights what general Christians do, quote scripture without the real knowledge of what’s the true meaning..

    Welcome to Christian America where we hide behind scripture!

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