Atheist Bus Campaign in… Calgary! March 9, 2009

Atheist Bus Campaign in… Calgary!

Starting today, a handful of buses in Calgary (in Alberta, Canada) will feature atheist ads!

Signs bearing the message, “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life,” will appear on eight Calgary buses for four weeks.

“It’s time that we show our point of view,” said Cliff Erasmus, executive director of the Calgary Centre for Inquiry.

Keep them coming!

I’m looking at you, Yukon Territory…

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  • Wes

    Is there even a single bus in Yukon Territory? 😛

  • Is there a single person in Yukon territory? I think bears and squirrels are atheists by default.

  • Indigo

    Wes –
    Well, that depends. There are public buses in Whitehorse – about six.
    Then there are the buses the hippies ride around in. I’m not sure how open to persuasion they’d be on the matter.

  • Jeremy

    A little bit off-topic perhaps, but just today I saw an atheist bus in Toronto. It made me smile.

  • John Jost

    What I wonder is: why “probably”? To me, it is so obvious that the message should read “There’s no God. Now stop…”, etc.

  • Aksunai

    “Probably” is a good word for liability purposes. The original bus ad lady was inspired by a beer ad whose slogan is “probably the best beer in the world”. It makes it easier to post the ads in public places.

  • I’ve been on the look out but so far no sightings of these fabled buses.

  • Sarah

    I find it amusing that Christians in town starting frothing at the mouth as soon as the ads were announced. They tried to get Calgary Transit to not post the ads, appealed to Silly Hall when Calgary Transit told them to take a hike, and are now going to post their own ads in retaliation.

    Why? You ask. Well, silly it’s because the atheist ads are “hate speech” and “make a mockery of religion.”

    I say: Bring it on guys. There’s no greater argument for atheism than Christian “love”.

  • Hi Gang,

    I figure that our Atheist Bus Ad campaign is an intelligent approach to deal with those things that divide us from the other guys.

    I devoted a posting to the campaign and plan to keep up to date with what is happening throughout the world. I have noticed three churches that I regularly pass have changed their announcement boards to “There is a God, now stop worrying and enjoy your life!”

    For a humorous look plus some links to Campaign sites, try my blog.

  • Jim Baerg

    I saw one of the ads on the #73 bus yesterday.
    At least one such ad probably exists 😉

  • Were running a competition to make your own slogan here:

    Atheists more than welcome 🙂

  • Dave van Kampen

    I like the fact that you used the word “probably”. It keeps it clear that nobody knows for sure, so it might be reasonable to manage the risk that there is a God, improbable as it may be.


  • Dave van Kampen

    More thoughts on managing risk:


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