I Hope God Never Disappears March 3, 2009

I Hope God Never Disappears

Edward Current shows us the horrors that would befall us if God disappeared. My favorite part comes at the 0:13 mark.

(via Edward Current)

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  • Jay

    I just saw this on atheist movies and loved it!!!

  • I love Edward Current, I think he is fabulous, I am way too obsessed with his videos and normally I would apologize for that — except he’s just too funny!

  • PrimeNumbers

    Nice satire. Problem is, I’m sure a lot of viewers of that movie just won’t get it…. They’ll head right on out and donate to their megachurch.

  • Forkboy

    Ummmmmmmmm…….human flesh. So tasty. So delicious.

    Can’t wait for that God-fucker to disappear.

    Your friend,
    H. Lecter.

  • Luther Weeks

    What? Then we could eat or donate all those cheese sandwiches with Jesus on them to the poor instead of auctioning them on eBay.

    And the Flying Spaghetti Monster might not be a monster?

  • Ed Current is the bomb.

  • For those who are concerned about the responses people might have to viewing this video, I have written my own response on my blog: http://zackfordblogs.com/2009/03/04/what-if-there-were-no-god-zack-confirms-the-rumors/

  • There are some subtle jokes in there too. I want an infinite speed limit. With no God to stop me I could be everywhere simultaneously.

  • Marsha

    Oh wow that is hilarious. I love the Atheist meeting God too. Great fun. Sending to my heathen friends.

  • Jesse

    lol…. Those three letters are all that is needed to describe my feeling towards this. 😀

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