At Least It’s Better Than Kabbalah… March 3, 2009

At Least It’s Better Than Kabbalah…

Guess who’s converting to Judaism?


I’m sure the Jews will love Lindsay Lohan.

I’m also pretty sure that’s all there is to the conversion, too: Taking a picture in front of a sign that says SYNAGOGUE.

Which explains how I changed my name to Senator Barack Obama:


My favorite line in the article is this one:

Lindsay Lohan is converting to Judaism in a bid to prove her devotion to Jewish girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

Although raised a Catholic, the 22-year-old star announced she was planning to change her faith on her Facebook page.

So you know this is *forever*.

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  • Reginald Selkirk

    At Least It’s Better Than Kabbalah…

    Maybe. And both are probably better than…

    Lindsay Lohan’s Secret Scientology Past

  • Nick Wedig

    Perhaps she’s just trying to claim that $50,000?

  • PrimeNumbers

    Darn Nick, I was just going to crack that same joke and you beat it to me.

  • Polly

    Sure, if you’re a girl (or an American male) it’s EASY to convert.

  • Lindsay Lohan

    OMG, ur totally off my frends list, MR. Berack Omaha. ¬_¬

  • Wes

    Wait a minute…she’s a lesbian? I never knew that.

    I’m so out of touch…

  • Apsalar

    Wes, she’s been a lesbian for a while. I don’t think anyone would be shocked if tomorrow she decided she wasn’t, though.

  • Forkboy

    I don’t know… that she’s converting I find her even hotter!

  • Whatever, I still love Lindsay Lohan.

    re: facebook
    This is going to be my inner journalism student talking here, but social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are really changing the way we communicate. Everyone’s on Facebook now – politicians, celebrities, writers, famous activists… Obama, for example, was (and is) huge on Facebook, and he certainly used it to communicate important information to his supporters during his campaign. Same for Clinton. Facebook is the perfect medium for contemporary society, because it’s so instant. It also allows the audience/receiver to have direct interaction with the sender. You don’t get that from newspapers, magazines, or even regular websites. Facebook is still really new as a tool for mass-communication, so it hasn’t acquired the credibility and authority of more traditional media and older new technologies like websites and, to a certain extent, blogs. However, I think you’ll be seeing instant social networking sites, like Facebook, become increasingly mainstream as a tool of mass-communication in the following years.

  • Jen

    I never buy these romantic coversions, and I wonder how they work for a couple, exactly. Does the partner of the ‘correct’ religion simply not care that the conversion is probably not genuine? Does he or she honestly believe that their lover happened to want to be the exact same religion at the exact same time they had to convert? Is it only about the kids? I think its a a strange concept, and I don’t like it.

  • This is FACEBOOK official, so you know it must be true

  • lurker_above

    This illustrates why I’ve never understood the whole “conversion” thing. I mean, I can see how one could switch from Episcopalian to Catholic, or Unitarian or some other flavor of Christianity. But for a person to convert—really, truly, I-believe-this-with-all-my-heart convert—from Christianity to Judaism, or Judaism to Islam, or to some other diametrically opposite philosophy, seems, at best, cynical and highly improbable.

    It would be as if Keith Olbermann suddenly jumped ship to work at Fox and claimed to be O’Reilly’s new BFF.

  • Why Kabalah < Judaism?

    At least with Kabalah, the motivations are usually intrinsic rather than extrinsic. A professor of psychology I know is also a teacher of Kabalah, and is as scornful of this sort of ‘conversion for social purpose’ as you are.

    To lurker_above (great name!) – conversion is a tricky subject at the best of times. There areas of psychology & sociology that have been looking at conversion properly for a few decades now – my favourite way of seeing conversion is through the idea of motifs (e.g. Lofland & Skonovd 1981), so conversion has an ‘intellectual’ or ‘mystical’ or ‘coercive’ motif. Each is v different to the others, worth having a look at. “Pauline” conversions are the rarest (sometimes described as ‘hallucinatory’ conversion!!).

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