James Dobson Has Retired: The Best Lines? February 28, 2009

James Dobson Has Retired: The Best Lines?

James Dobson has stepped down from his role as Chairman of Focus on Your Family. Yippee…?

I wish I could celebrate, but nothing’s really going to change. Dobson was FotF’s biggest asset but he was also their biggest liability. With him out of the picture, someone else will step up and spearhead the bigotry. So it’s not like FotF is going to be in favor of gay marriage anytime soon. They’ll still be the organization of choice for people with whom I have all sorts of disagreements, to say the least.

(Dobson may have just been worried about all the crazy shit he thinks will happen now that Barack Obama is president and wanted to get out of the way.)

His wife Shirley is also stepping down. I assume the National Day of Prayer (which she had headed) will also go on under new leadership.

One upside to all this: Since everyone and their mother is commenting on this story, you get to hear some fantastic one-liners.

A couple of my favorites so far:

“Dobson intends to continue his daily radio program and monthly mailings. He has also said he will keep handing out political endorsements. Many who listen to Dobson’s daily radio broadcast may not even be aware of this change.

Focus on the Family is merely rearranging the deck chairs on its big, intolerant ship.”

(Barry Lynn of Americans United)

“Dobson stepping down as Chairman of Focus on the Family should change things about as much as Philip Morris changing its name to Altria.”

(Religion Dispatches‘ Managing Editor, Evan Derkacz)

Heard any other good lines?

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  • J Myers

    Dobson no longer a bigot official, but still an official bigot.

  • Tom N

    There should be an atheist radio program or at least a podcast to combat this type of shit.

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