Christian Democrats Group Forms… Where?! February 26, 2009

Christian Democrats Group Forms… Where?!

A group for Democrats has now formed at Pat Robertson‘s Regents University. The school has had a Republicans group since… well… forever. But this is new ground for them:

… Carlos Campo, Regent’s vice president for academic affairs, said Robertson gave his thumbs up to the new group.

“He said, ‘You know what, it reflects the openness of our campus and how open we are to sharing of ideas,’” Campo said of his talk with Robertson.

Brandon Carr, Regent Democrats’ vice president, described the group as “Democrats and independents who want to be Christian leaders to change the world … explaining to others how you can be a Christian and agree to some Democratic principles as well.”

As a Christian-based school, Regent has a strongly evangelical, charismatic accent, and all faculty are expected to be Christians. They sign a statement binding them with Regent’s Christian beliefs, such as the infallibility of the Bible.

It’s a nice idea — getting a different point of view out there, recognized by campus officials. But I wonder how different the group really can be. Where does the group stand on funding of science? Civil Unions? Separation of church and state? Abortion? Are they basically aligned with Republican/conservative values?

Not surprisingly, the Regents Democrats don’t toe the party line in those areas:

“Their support of the people’s right to vote and of the entitlement to be part of the American political system, I closely identify with that,” she said .

“It’s the heart I feel the Democratic Party has for helping ‘the least of these,’” added [Takeshia] Stokes, quoting Jesus from the Gospel of Matthew. “And that’s something that’s dear to my heart.”

At the same time, many Regent Democrats don’t embrace the party’s agenda wholesale. Stokes said she opposes abortion, though many in the Democratic Party support legalized abortion.

Ah well. It’s a start. Regents shouldn’t be commended for recognizing the group; it’s just the right thing to do. But good for the students to say there are Christians who are Democrats and they don’t want to hide that.

Have any of you ever started a group that went against the culture of your school or community?

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  • Jasen777

    Dixiecrats are making a comeback in light of the Republican’s woes.

  • Yes…Dip-Stick-Crats are silly, like the Blue-Slobs (don’t want to offend dogs in any way) are the same thing correct?

    Hats off to this feeble college for its desire to take over politics by tricking those on the “Left” that they actually produce people with any bit of humanity in them.

    There are plenty of nice Christian Democrats who really believe in what I believe in, but they would never attend a college associated with such an a-hole as P. Robertson.

    Isn’t politics all about who you know?

    If so, one just need to look at some of those who “graduated” from this lame college and see what disasters they have been, (like that young girl who covered for Gonzo, if my memory serves me correct) and how their version of Christianity allows dishonesty, to try and take over the world, (not to be too dramatic on my part), like those silly people who go to other countries to “help” then get held captive, but whine that they are Christians just spreading love (I’ll give you dinner if you give me your soul).

    I don’t trust corporations that umbrella many smaller organizations that once were on their own, because the “big pictures” trumps their original “message”, (product) ohhh much like many religions before they are destroyed by those who are in power at that time.

  • gribblethemunchkin

    I agree with Corey Mondello, democrats from a college such as this are unlikely to share many of the core traits of what i look for in a democratic politician. Much like the blue dogs who are essentially fiscal conservatives, these would be social republicans for many issues of great importance.

    I also prefer to have politicians that at least have a grounding in reality. Colleges such as this tend to emphasise the magical background of the bible as reality. These guys may believe plenty of decent things, such as helping the poor, child protection, etc, and good luck to them pushing these issues, but the general world view of these colleges is not compatible with producing sensible policy.

  • David

    I attempted to found a D&D club at my Catholic grade school. Lasted all of 3 minutes…

  • “Their support of the people’s right to vote and of the entitlement to be part of the American political system, I closely identify with that,” she said .

    Wow. Talk about speaking without saying something. We have a word in Swedish, “floskel”, the definition of which is pretty much “a statement that is completely meaningless, on account of its opposite being unthinkable”, that I think is extremely apt here. Imagine someone saying “We don’t support people’s right to vote and be part of the political system.”

  • David D.G.

    David wrote:

    I attempted to found a D&D club at my Catholic grade school. Lasted all of 3 minutes…

    Wow, that long? You must have had good saving throws! [/gaminggeek]

    ~David D.G.

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