What Are They Trying to Say…? February 23, 2009

What Are They Trying to Say…?

I don’t know… but I think I approve. Quick and easy. No mess.


(via Vagabondish — Thanks to Donna for the link!)

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  • Godfrey


  • Nicole

    I had to comment on this. About fifteen years ago, I did volunteer work for the Bronx Zoo. At the zoo there is a building called Jungle World, which is modeled after a rain forest. At one point as you walk through the building, you cross a bridge that goes over a crocodile exhibit.
    One day, the office where the volunteers would gather before the day started was all abuzz. It seemed that the previous day, someone dangled their child over the crocodile exhibit, and in much the same way as shown here — one of the crocodiles leaped up and tried to grab the child.
    Fortunately (though there are some who might disagree) the child was safely pulled away from the crocodiles jaws.

    Once again — life imitates art , or is it the other way around?

  • Matt

    Food goes in here

  • Lexi

    We have monitor lizards here in Sarasota, Florida . . . do you think they’d be just as good?

    Personally, I want to know, between a monitor lizard and an alligator, who’d winna fight?

  • bigjohn756

    Steve Irwin?

  • Jonas E

    Pope feeding site.

  • Richard Wade

    “See, Sweetheart? This is how natural selection works. If Mister Crocodile can eat you before you have a little girl of your own…”

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