All Your Religions Are False (Revised and Updated) February 19, 2009

All Your Religions Are False (Revised and Updated)

Last week, I mentioned Joel Grus and his talk “Your Religion is False” at the recent BIL (Benevolence. Illuminating. Logic.) conference in Long Beach, CA.

The video I showed was shaky and needed some professionalizing.

I’m happy to say the cleaned-up video is now available and you can now see the hilarious talk without having to strain.


(Thanks again to Lexi, the speaker wrangler for BIL, for the link!)

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  • The end of religion is near? In what way?

  • mikespeir

    Yeah. Considering all the “isms” this guy ticked off, most of which are still going strong, I don’t see the end of religion any time soon.

  • Lyra

    Kami are Pokemon? Fuck, I’m converting. Amaterasu, I choose YOU!

  • Dan C.

    YES! Environmentalism is false! Thank you Joel Grus.

    Oh, my Math, he hit on the Singularity too! I love this guy!

  • laterose

    What does the sign on his back say? I can’t tell. It’s driving me crazy!

  • Stephen M.

    I strive for the day when I can articulate the absurdities of religion as well as the people I see and read on the internets.

  • A-Tom-IC

    How could he possibly have omitted Jehovah’s Witnesses?

  • Daryl

    Religions are nothing more than a means to control the masses and to help people except the fact that someday they will die. For these people, they did not choose to be religious, they were born into it and taught it from birth. Religion is the root cause of many terrible events in the world. To be a die hard religious fanatic is to create the ultimate sin. I personally believe in evolution and that the basic belief of the 10 so called commandments was just a clever way to regain control of the masses. It has always been about control and not much truth to it.

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