I’m Going to Save You… Now Put On This Diaper February 17, 2009

I’m Going to Save You… Now Put On This Diaper

What Troy Brisport did to this woman sounds pretty bad.

He was:

… accused of kidnapping, handcuffing and holding captive in an adult diaper a 22-year-old woman he picked up off the streets in Detroit…

But wait.

It’s ok.

He was just trying to save her.

For three days Brisport held her captive. During that time, he gave her nothing to eat and very little to drink. He kept her gagged. Brisport tried several times to suffocate her, using a pillow and blanket. He didn’t rape her… he didn’t beat her… but, he did read Bible passages to her.

Umm… just like Jesus would have done?

Thankfully, his victim escaped. Brisport is charged with “kidnapping and felonious assault.” His motive is unclear. But given that the victim was supposedly a prostitute, is it really possible he picked her up off the street just to force-preach to her?

I think that plan backfired when he tried to suffocate her (or, as he may have put it, smother her with the love of Christ).

(Thanks to Becky for the link.)

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  • Not passages written by Paul i hope. Ugh, that would be awful.

  • Bryan Gahagan

    Did he just see Black Snake Moan? That’s kind of what Sam Jackson did to Christina Ricci.

  • trent

    This is the most ridiculous story. It is time the police precinct in Toledo be investigated. They have been bringing up bpgus charges on individual. I hope they are prosecuted. Toledo has one of the most corrupted police force in the country

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