They’re Fetally Nutritious February 16, 2009

They’re Fetally Nutritious

I would just like to point out that I am not the only person who feels this way about babies.


I did think the protein count would be higher, though…

(Thanks to Nick for the link!)

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  • Jamie

    That’s horrid and hilarious.

  • Friendly Atheist my Ass! Baby Eater!!!!!

  • What is that even a label for? Must be water…

  • I think I can hear one of those religious nuts: “Atheists have no morals, they even make jokes about eating babies!”

  • You *just* discovered this? Don’t tell me you never google image searched “eat babies” before.

  • inkadu

    This is really irresponsible.

    Everyone should know that babies are high in fat.

    I’m not saying don’t eat them — they’re delicious — but just keep an eye on your cholesterol.

  • Ken McKnight

    That would make a nice illustration for a modern reprint of Swift’s “A Modest Proposal.”

  • What, no baby fat?

  • Jon

    Ummm… are the baby eating jokes getting a little tired? I mean, it’s hilarious and everything, but… isn’t it just getting kind of old at this point?

  • The Unbrainwashed

    Goddamn. You are a tool. I’m coming here less and less. It just shows how immature you are that you consider this to be amusing.

    We all get the joke! Atheists love to eat babies!

    And to tell you truth, this one was just downright disgusting, even as a joke.

  • That nutrition facts label would seem to indicate that babies have no nutritional value at all. So why would any rational atheist eat them? Because they’re delicious!

    Really, dude, baby eating jokes are sooo 2008.

  • Well, my kids and I certainly had a good laugh over this. 😉

  • Jay

    Is there really any need to wonder why atheists have a bad reputation in the eyes of “religious nuts” Diego? You guys (most of) that like this ad are freaks. When you begin to repulse your own kind, that should send up a red flag. No humor at all. Beyond tacky and no class. Don’t call this site “friendly” anymore. You just lost the right.

  • Ty

    Uh oh, you’ve pissed off Jay, the internet blog title police.

  • Laurie

    Baby eating jokes never grow old, the looks on peoples faces – priceless.
    I love babies (altogether now) but I couldn’t eat a whole one!!!!!!

  • The goes the first. Who’s next?

  • tamarind

    I enjoyed the baby eating jokes the first couple of times, but they definitely have outlived their shelf-life.

  • I still feel the same way as tamarind above.

    I know, I know – I’m not the blog writer, so it’s hardly my place to dictate. But may I suggest next time, you implement something along the lines of “If you don’t mind baby eating jokes, press here! (click to read more)”

    That way, those of us who like your blog but have tired of the baby-eating jokes can get on without having that played-out meme shoved in our faces?

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