Not a Good Omen? February 16, 2009

Not a Good Omen?

Italy’s first atheist bus is on the road!

Intermittently, it seems.

This can’t be a good sign:

”By pure chance,” a member of the Italian atheists association said wryly, ”the vehicle left the depot bright and early but had to go straight back because of a ‘curious’ problem with the batteries”.

After repairs the bus started out on its route again and is set to spread its message around the northwestern Italian city for the next month.

I hope none of these atheist buses gets into a crash…

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  • mikespeir

    Yep. It’s a sure sign. But, characteristically, we atheists will rationalize it away. We deserve to be fricasseed forever in the Pit!

  • Now if one of the buses were to get struck by lightning….

  • John C

    I hope none of these atheist buses gets into a crash…

    This sentence makes me think that we are pushing beliefs on to the buses 😀
    We should let the buses decide their own beliefs.
    It reminds me of Dawkin’s discussion of calling a child a Christian child or a Muslim child. Explanation can be found here.

  • Epistaxis

    Someone needs to make Italy’s mass transit run on time.

  • Yes, it always seems like god works not just in mysterious ways, but also in terribly small ways…

  • Jen

    When I lived in Rome, I recall one day I was taking the bus home and the bus stopped because there was a Smart Car double parked, and it was blocking the path of the bus, so the bus driver kicked everyone else off the bus and we all had to walk home. There were no other experiences I had that convinced me that anyone was particularly interested in public transportation running correctly. Now, they were very worried that we were paying for our bus tickets, but gosh, it was irritating to never be anywhere on time.

  • DB

    I love the captive audience approach. I can’t wait for the first Super Bowl ad. You can make an absolutely hilarious commercial about belief.

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