My Weekend Plans February 14, 2009

My Weekend Plans

I actually have a day job that involves teaching high school math. Then I have an afternoon job that involves coaching a bunch of students on my school’s Speech Team. It’s really competitive in Illinois and the season began back in October.

(Blogging is the late-night job that pays exactly none of my bills.)

Anyway, as you read this, my kids are competing at their Sectional tournament. There are 14 different events. In each event, there are approximately 12 competitors at this level. Whoever finishes in the top 3 in any event has a spot in the State tournament next week. (Got all that?)

Here’s hoping I’m going out of town next weekend…

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  • Good luck! I know Speech Teams always work crazy hard to go to state… Had a bunch of friends on the team back in Munster. I’m still amazed that you can juggle teaching, extra curriculars, a blog, and random atheist talks!

  • Pierre

    I was in the speech and debate team in high school and loved it! Good luck!!!

  • Munster? Hehe, we competed against you guys in We the People.

  • Don’t dismiss the influence you’re giving, even if (and I’d say especially if) nothing appears to come of it. An example can be so much more powerful than the hard sell.

    It’s personal to me because the speech team is typically connected with the debate team, and my debate coaches really made me think with just the slightest affirmation of their own worldviews, see my deconversion, part 3.

  • Jake

    I loved speech and debate. PFD was always really fun.

  • Haha, I had a ton friends on the We the People team. I did it in 5th grade, but not after that. We won that year though! Wooo =P

  • MathMike

    I feel your pain my less evil twin. I just finished hosting our school’s debate tournament. 22 schools, 400 competitors in 15 events, and a schedule that ran from 2:00 Friday until 9:30 Saturday night. State districts in 3 weeks, National districts in 5 weeks, State is in 2 months, and Nationals are in June. It’s like the season never really ends.

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