Babies Eating Lemons February 8, 2009

Babies Eating Lemons

So hilariously cruel… and yet you can’t look away.

I know what I will be doing when my future octuplets are born:

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  • Well, at least it’s not hot sauce. Some of those looked like oranges anyway.

    Some of the kids seemed to enjoy it, and stick it back in their mouth :-p

  • I couldn’t watch the whole thing. It was just too cruel. And I like eating both lemons and babies!!!!

  • mikespeir

    “Why would mommy do this to me?”

    On the other hand, some kids would grimace and then go back for more.

  • I used to do this to my kiddo. Now, she eats lemon wedges like most people eat oranges. I think I’ve scarred her for life.

    It starts so innocently. They keep grabbing for the bright yellow thingy that’s on daddy’s drink. Next think you know, you’re laughing so hard beer is coming out of your nose.

    Plus, as every atheist knows, lemon is the perfect seasoning for a well-prepared baby.

  • TK

    Every time I’m having dinner with a family that has a baby, I do this. The results are hilarious every time.

    Also, there’s no better way to marinate a baby than from the inside.

  • Epistaxis

    While they’re at it, would they mind eating some parsley, thyme, and salt and pepper to taste?

  • haha, once, my child kept reaching for the lemon in my tea when we went out to eat. She screamed and screamed, so I finally just gave it to her to prove that she wouldn’t want it. But she LIKED it! She didn’t make a face at all. She ate the entire thing, and tried to eat the peel, too. Now she reaches for the lemons in our tea and water every time we go out to eat. Weird!!!

  • beckster

    One of the perks of parenting is feeding your baby sour things.

  • Here’s my contribution.

    This was where the “hating it, but going back for more anyway” is a perk. It allowed my husband to snap the photo the second go-round.

    I’d offer her up as a meal, but she’s still too stringy/scrawny to get much off her bones. My son, on the other hand…guess at 11mo, he’s due for some marinating pictures.

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