You Are NOT the Father! February 7, 2009

You Are NOT the Father!

Imagine if Mary appeared on Maury to get a paternity test to find out who the father of Jesus was…

Sample line from Joseph: “I am 5,000% sure that I am NOT the father of that baby.”

The key bit happens at the 4:05 mark.

I wonder how this will end…

(via DarkMatter2525)

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  • Dutch

    As a Christian I am not offended by the material of this video, except the vulgar content. You are a teacher, and I assume your students know of your website. I don’t much like the spread of vulgarity, and this video does just that. Please don’t misunderstand, I am not offended with anything you say or do on Christianity, but spreading the all too common vulgar language in any manner is wrong. You are lucky I am not a parent in your school district.

  • I thought it was alright. The only problem was that it captured the atmosphere of the MP show a little too well — what with the 15-minute segments of “whatever, whatever, shut the hell up, y’all don’t know me,” etc. That’s why I don’t watch Maury.

  • I hate Maury too. It seems like his program is designed to make minorities and poor people look bad.

  • mikespeir

    (sniggle) Why, that’s (hee-hee) disgusting!

  • RobL

    Painful to watch, just like the real show. Drags on waaay too long.

  • As a Christian I am not offended by the material of this video, except the vulgar content.

    You’re offended? So what?


  • Steve

    I’m not a believer, but I guess my Catholic upbringing during my formative years made me cringe at this skit a bit. IMO, I didn’t think this was a good addition for content on the Friendly Atheist blog…rather it was a turnoff for me.

  • Keyword: “Imagine.”

  • Epistaxis

    “Jesus is proof that abstinence doesn’t work.”

  • Scott LIchtenstein

    Plus: Use of Karsh Kale’s music when introducing Joseph

    Minus: Listening to dry mouth tongue-noise from Maury. I HATE that.

  • Chal

    That was rather painful…

    A funny idea, but really poorly done.

  • I honestly only like it for the brief use of Hybrid’s “I’m Still Awake” at the start… great electronic music, check ’em out.

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