At Least He Admits It February 1, 2009

At Least He Admits It

Ray Comfort comments on the video that made him (in)famous to atheists online:

I was introduced on a radio interview recently as being “internationally hated by atheists.”

To what do I attribute this great honor? Obviously, to my dumb banana video. It spread my name like soft and tasteless butter all over the world. And so I have this unique and wonderful blog that is frequented by atheists. I never thought that I would some day thank God for that stupid video, but I do.


I’d say it spread more like Santorum: Not really wanted but incredibly funny to mention in a conversation. Plus, everyone knows damn well what you’re talking about.

(via Atheist Central)

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  • I don’t hate Ray Comfort. I just think he’s a blooming idiot with an agenda.

  • BZ

    I really wish atheists would stop visiting his blog. All it does is inflate his ego. He really isn’t worth talking about either.

  • That video probably spread as much as it did because it is highly entertaining in many ways.

    “It fits perfectly in the human hand!”

    “Pointed towards your mouth for ease-of-entry!”

  • Richard Wade

    Once again, the pathetic Mr. Comfort overestimates his importance to anyone and everyone, and once again he completely misses the point. He is soooo good at missing the point, he could miss the Earth while stomping his foot.

    His hilarious banana video isn’t what makes him hated. If anything, that makes him almost palatable in a twisted, tragi-comic sort of way. He’s hated for his smug, self-righteous and assinine tactics, his dedicated ignorance, his condescending tone and most of all for his Goodyear blimp-like mind, with an overinflated ego and a lighter-than-air intellect. I don’t actually feel hate for him, more like the feelings I have for a struggling bug that has been only half stepped on.

  • Let him bloviate. And I hope more atheists visit his blog and keep him occupied.

    Look, his proselytizing to atheists isn’t very effective, but he doesn’t realize it – his time and effort are tied up preaching to an audience that finds him, at best, ridiculous.

    After all, who knows what he might have time to do, if he weren’t distracted by the atheists on his blog?

  • “Hated”? I heard something about “the banana as the atheist’s nightmare”, read a little about it, laughed a little, and went on my way. Sorry…

  • Methinks Comfort has an over-inflated ego.

    May I say on behalf of most atheists, that we don’t hate Comfort, but more pity the poor misguided idiot.

    PS. Thanks Hemant I just learnt a new word, though one I doubt I’ll ever need to use?

  • Christophe Thill

    Hated by atheists? Pitied or laughed at would be more accurate. Comfort’s not really odious. I don’t think he ever said that someone deserves to die, for instance.

  • Well, to Christians you either have to love something unconditionally, or hate it for no reason. You either love Yahweh, or you hate Him. You either love Christians, or you hate them. You either love gays, or you hate them.

    I don’t understand this need to splice everything into some ultimate duality….but I would assume it has something to do with carefully fabricating the illusion that there is a natural sort of “moral duality” to the universe that somehow implies the presence of Heaven and Hell.

  • I don’t hate Ray either. He looks like an Ewok. How can you hate Ewoks, their deluded little superstitions and funny way of talking?

  • mikespeir

    He’s thankful for the adverse publicity because it brings atheists to his site. There, they hear The Word. They can’t ever get The Word out of their minds because the Holy Spirit keeps throwing it back in their faces. The Hound of Heaven will (forgive me) doggedly pursue them until they finally either repent or go bonkers.

    Seriously, that’s the way people like Comfort think.

  • lurker111

    Did I miss something? The banana video was satire, right? Right? He wasn’t really believing this, right? Right? Right?

  • I used to comment at his site, but quickly discovered it’s a farce. It draws both people who agree with him, and people who recognize him for the deceitful propagandist he is. But due to the militant comment moderation, it’s impossible to have a proper debate, if you’d even want to. Total waste of time.

  • Vic

    He’s the Bozo the clown of religion. He should be funny, but he’s just too damn pathetic.

  • I don’t hate you Ray. I feel sorry for you, I wonder what sadness you have in you that you’re trying to shout away. If you showed any real malice I’d hate you, but I think you’re mostly harmless and trying to do what you think is best.

  • I can’t believe he titled his blog “Atheist Central.” I guess he’s really trying to win brownie points with his God, and it makes me laugh to think of his of all blogs as the online hangout for atheists. I bet he thinks we’re all drawn to his “atheist haven” because deep down we are all searching for the Christian god.

    It makes no sense to hate him. He feeds off hate. After all, the bible does say that Jesus would be hated, and so if we atheists loved him, then he must be doing something wrong b/c we’re such, you know, bad people. And bad people hate good people so if we hate him, he’s good. In his mind.

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