Ted Haggard’s Escort Mike Jones Sets the Record Straight January 25, 2009

Ted Haggard’s Escort Mike Jones Sets the Record Straight

Mike Jones is the gay male escort who ultimately exposed the hypocrisy of Pastor Ted Haggard.

Last year, I interviewed him for this site — right when his book I Had To Say Something: The Art of Ted Haggard’s Fall came out.

Mike has been watching the latest Ted Haggard drama unfold — including promotion of the new HBO documentary about him and the media blitz associated with it. There are still several aspects of the whole story that are bothering him — including some false reporting and the lack of support from the gay community.

He wants to set the record straight in this new video:

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  • Stina

    Thanks for posting this. It’s just terrible how he’s being treated. I mean come on, being spit on? That’s so unnecessary. Way to show compassion, Christians. I wrote him an e-mail urging him to stay strong, and I hope your readers follow suit.

  • mike jones did an ethical and moral thing. the pain he’s experienced because of this speaks volumes about our society.

    i admire him for having the courage to repeatedly speak out.

  • Adrian

    Interesting story. I hadn’t followed up on this story but I will now. Thanks for linking to his video and his book.

  • Is the atheist community reaching out to him in any way, the way the gay community apparently won’t? Anything like the GALHA in the US?

  • Kelly

    Fill me in-why is the gay community ostracizing him?

  • Maria

    I don’t know why the GLBT community is ostrazing him, but I sure as hell won’t. I’m going to write him to tell him I support him. He’s actually one of the reasons I finally came out myself. I’m also going to contact HRC, which is a group I normally support and contribute to, and express my disappointment in them not standing by him. It would be good if the skeptic community reached out to him……..

  • Bobby v

    Mike Jones, I feel for whatever you’ve gone through and you are
    stating that you did not come out in the media for publicity.
    Then why didnt you tell Ted Haggard to confess his sin to the Church without you being involved in it, heir seems to be a selfish motive their… Also do you realise you are still living in terrible sin.
    You ruined that mans life and the live’s of his family.
    You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
    Hope you some out of the deep sin you are living in and find peace someday.

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