Ok, Ok… You’ve Convinced Me to Become a Christian January 25, 2009

Ok, Ok… You’ve Convinced Me to Become a Christian

This isn’t quite what the creators of the Blasphemy Challenge had in mind… but it’s certainly persuasive.

(NSFW language. And it’s loud.)

Chalk it up to Poe, anyone?

(via Reddit)

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  • “I deny that anyone has the right to deny the existence of the good lord Jesus Christ and God”

    Fair enough but I do have that right so your denial is just wrong.

    If it is a Poe then I don’t get it but then I rarely do.

  • Eliza

    I wish the guy wouldn’t hold back so much. He oughtta really say what he thinks 🙂

  • Jodie

    Is this guy worth posting on such a good website?

  • strikefighter

    That was some rather un-Christian-like language there. And it was short on actual convincing arguments. And it was loud. But other than that, it was a well reasoned argument for me to (not) become a Christian.

  • Scott LIchtenstein

    Three immediate thoughts:

    Man, this guy is just filled to the brim with the holy spirit, isn’t he?

    Is this a parody?

    I want to know how he knows the pecking order in hell for who does the ass raping.

  • Spartan

    It’s a Poe. The guy has Pat Condell on his friends list.

  • Becky

    Dang… just today I was thinking how nice it would be to move to OZ, as most of the people I’ve met from there seem to have their heads screwed on straight. I hope this is a Poe. :/

  • Becky

    Yeah.. looking at the rest of his videos, I’m 90% sure he’s faking it. It’s not terribly funny, however.

  • Mike

    I agree with Becky, even in the same percent. IF it is a joke or some sort of satire, might want to make it a wee bit more obvious.

  • Just look at the background he has set on his channel. Stained glass window of a boy sucking off a priest…a definate poe.

  • Seems almost certain that it’s a Poe. Rather wish he did a serious entry to the blasphemy challenge, I have a weakness for Australian accents.

  • StaceyJW

    What is a POE?

  • Aubrey

    oh my gosh!!!!!

    After the initial rush of shock, I laughed and laughed and laughed, I Actually Know Someone Who Is Just Like This. OMG

    Still laughing.

    thank you, thank you….

  • Skeptimal

    OK…um…they have great anti-psychotic medications these days, regardless of your religious affiliation.

  • tom

    this was awesome, i can’t even stop laughing.

  • I so wanted to download this and put the song Jesus Loves The Little Children as the sound track. 😉

  • Wow. I guess that’s what Henry Rollins would sound like if he was a Christian.

  • Eliza

    StaceyJW, Poe’s law is: “Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of Fundamentalism that someone won’t mistake for the real thing.” (You can click on the link in the word “Poe” under the video to go to rational wiki’s page on “Poe’s law” for further discussion, including its history.)

    Hemant, did you see – there’s now a mathematical statement of the Poe phenomenon! (on that wiki page)

  • poe.

  • Poe or not, I wish he would put on a shirt.

  • 100% Poe for sure.
    freakin’ hilarious, thanks Hemant

  • But what you’re really trying to say is……

  • Fredi

    food for thought:
    Jesus was one of the most outspoken critics of religious fundamentalism and self-righteous hypocrisy – and the religious elite of his day got him killed for that.
    In that sense many of you atheist religion critics are closer to Christ than many Christians

  • Stephen

    I am so confused, does he want us to live the rest of our lives in hell, or die?

  • Mathew Wilder

    I thought it was hilarious.

  • teammarty

    Sounds like a normal day to me…

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