Ray Comfort Has Infected the Comics January 24, 2009

Ray Comfort Has Infected the Comics

Cartoonist Dave Kellett must really be Ray Comfort in disguise… based solely on this Sheldon strip:


The rest of the strip is here.

Now, I wait for the bird to tell me I’m going to Hell.

(Thanks to Jon for the link!)

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  • Tony Boling

    Funny, but you need to fix that link. Can’t have a ‘/’ after the .gif extension.

  • Proper link is here.

  • Fixed! Thanks 🙂

  • BruceH

    At first I thought it was really funny. I thought it was satire, but no, after reading a few strips, it becomes apparent that Dave whats-his-name doesn’t know what satire is.

    How droll.

  • Necromancer

    Ugh. I hate to comment this late on an old, old post, but I feel I should point out that it’s a joke. Whether inspired by Comfort or not isn’t clear (people in the comic’s forum wondered about whether Comfort was the inspiration at the time though – and not one of the commenters doubted that the “argument” was being ridiculed, iirc).

    Dave Kellett knows what satire is, too – but that’s not the main type of humour in “Sheldon”. It’s a mostly-harmless, very nerdy, strange little world that’s a lot of fun to “watch”, to me at least.

    The strip isn’t intended to be satire, just an instance of Arthur (the duck) following completely outlandish trains of thought and unsuccessfully trying to get other characters to participate – watch the face of the character forced to listen. The joke is in the nonsequitur and the argument being utterly bizarre. Same effect Comfort achieved involuntarily.

    Just had to defend one of the few web comics I read. Give it a chance without expecting satire and you might actually enjoy it for what it is.

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