Christian Protesters at the Inauguration January 21, 2009

Christian Protesters at the Inauguration

Gerry Canavan was at the Inauguration and saw several Christian protesters. You can check out his photo gallery here.

Here’s one sample:


I get Fake Christians. And Muslims. And Atheists. And Baby Killers. And Rebellious Women (those harlots).

But “Good People“?

(via Cynical-C Blog)

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  • According to the evangelical movement, God doesn’t give a damn if you are good… only that you believe.

  • Tarrkid

    Yeah, I think it’s a response to the “No, I don’t go to church, but I’m a GOOD PERSON, so I figure I’ll get into heaven” response.

    Either that, or good just isn’t good enough anymore. Only GREAT people get in.

  • Siamang

    They’re missing “Sign-Carriers”.

  • Isn’t “Good People” a euphemism for one of the wackier Christian sects?

    Honestly, considering that oral sex is, by definition, sodomy, this really explains why these folks are a little uptight.

  • Ned

    They didn’t have the balls to put Jews on there though did they?

    What about child molesting clergy?

  • Eric

    Maybe it’s because according to their cult there is no such thing as a good person.

  • They also forgot to put “those that judge others” on there.

    It is also interesting that “rebellious women” got the biggest font. I guess they are the most evil of all in god’s eyes.

  • These kind of Christians hate good people because they make them look bad by being kind, compassionate and tolerant.

  • absent sway

    Aw, Jeff, you beat me to the large-font “rebellious women” comment!

  • Nick

    Hah! through my life I’ve been many of those things. Everything except a money lover and Rebellious woman.

    But hey, I’m still young..

  • absent sway

    Anyway, according to their own scriptures, God judges everyone, and with the same measure that they judge others. Hmm, great big heaping measure for these dudes. Now I’m judging them for judging others–see what a fun game this becomes?

  • Who self-identifies as a “Worker of Iniquity?”

    Sounds interesting…

  • mikespeir

    Whew! I’m just glad I’m not a good person!

  • Pamela

    Rebellious Women!? I didn’t sign up for this! Let’s turn around, dear.

    *set image as my desktop background*

  • Brian C Posey

    When I see the word atheist on some crackpot’s billboard or I take it as a shout out. I see “atheist”, even when meant as an insult and I throw my hands in the air like I just don’t care. Whoo-whoo.

  • I love those people. They really put everything into the right perspective.

  • Rebellious woman – check
    Money lover – check
    Baby killer – check
    Sodomite – check

    Hmmm, I haven’t been having NEARLY enough fun.

  • Glad to see the guy that hates sports nuts made it to the protest. Now, what I’d like him to do is take that sign to the Super Bowl and deal with the Steeler fans.

  • Larry Huffman

    It looks more like ‘Christian Sign Carriers Will Judge You”

    Let’s see:

    Sex Addicts = David and Solomon, as well as lot;s of clergymen through the years.

    Baby Killers = The children of israel…god’s chosen, as they entered Canaan

    Liars = Well…hehe…this one covers so many. How about that guy in the New Testament who claimed to be the son of god, for starters…or his mom claiming to be a virgin.

    Good People = ROFL…um…Me (to some). Hement. My grandmother. My neighbors (well, not the husband, just the wife…she’s nice…hehe)

    Fake Chrisitans = As opposed to those who believe in the REAL christ…lol. This is the tool with which they hate each other…since they already hate everyone else.

    Muslims = Millions of people alive today…hundreds of millions over the centuries…who are muslim because of where and when they were born, not by any choice whatsoever…much like christians.

    Hypocrites = People who claim to follow the bible and christ’s teachings and who then go around judging people with signs.

    Atheists = YAY! We godless pond scum.

    Idolaters = People who make statues and such of their gods…crucifixes, madonnas, crosses in general…fish…doves.

    Perverts = Now…I take exception to this…perversion and right and wrong do not converge really. For example…can you not be perverted with your lawfully wedded and opposite sex spouse in god’s eyes? If not…well…*yawn* And is there some biblical chapter I have missed that outlines what sexual elements are perverted and what is acceptable?

    Sodomites = Such as clergy who go for little boys? Sure, they are targetting gay men here…but what about sodomy between lawfully married and opposite sex partners?

    Money Lovers = Such as Televangelists and Corporate Churches

    Drunkards = Like Noah (or far too many of their own kind for them to have this on their silly sign)

    Thieves = Like televangelists (Think Jim Bakker)and corporate churches

    Rebellious Women = Like most modern women in America, if we are going by biblical standards. The women holding these signs, for example.

    Workers of Iniquity = Scientists, researchers, people who are really trying to stop the spread of aids in africa, planned parenthood, the democratic party, Me 🙂

    Fun exercise. Christians just hate everyone…it is that simple.

  • I may be crazy, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a picture of this sign before, or at least a similar one. It’s just as laughable now as it was then.

  • When you hate everyone, you have to include “Good People” on your protest sign.

  • Richard Wade

    How twisted does one have to be to perpetrate crap like that on such a day as was the Inauguration? I wonder if they bring their signs to their little nephews’ birthday parties.

    That sign seems to be the abridged list. This guy has a more comprehensive list.

  • Yeah, I think it’s a response to the “No, I don’t go to church, but I’m a GOOD PERSON, so I figure I’ll get into heaven” response.

    That’s my guess too.

  • mikespeir

    Oh, Richard, I doubt that’s comprehensive. Looks to me like they just ran out of space. ‘Course, I haven’t seen the back of the sign, either.

  • David Greig

    Hi All,

    Yes it was a stellar moment to mention non-believers as part of the mosaic of United States’ citizens.

    Religionists will detect the blatant contradiction; that being, say, if you’re a Christian, just as an example, you would believe that being a ‘non-believer’ must be a sin because your bible and your pastor tell you it is a sin. So if a Christian’s belief does not include ‘non-belief’, then to recognize ‘non-believers’ (if you’re a Christian) is a sinful act and a ‘true’ Christian could never accept the denial of god’s supremacy … therefore, Obama is not a Christian or religious at all … he is a sceptic (as are the rest of us). His being a sceptic is part of his mass appeal and people are not aware of it.

    This is why Obama is probably the most intellectual presidents ever to hold office.

    Let’s hear it for the big ‘O’ …

  • Ubi Dubius

    I was at the inauguration too (a volunteer). I didn’t see any protesters, justs lots of very happy people.

  • Devil’s advocate

    I think the point of including “good people” on the list was the idea that God judges everyone — the good as well as the bad.

  • Hoffy

    Hey they left out Elmo and bert and ernie…..

  • Apparently their god is an equal opportunity judge.

  • llewelly

    But “Good People“?

    Explained here .

    As pointed out above, there really are Christians who believe no amount of good works can keep you out of Hell. And there are a lot of them.

  • llewelly, cartoons like that always confuse me. I never know if they’re serious or satirical.

  • Autumnal Harvest

    Tao Jones, those are Jack Chick cartoons, andtThey are serious. But I agree, it is hard to distinguish from satire. That one does seem to be going out of its way to present Christianity as a particularly horrible and nonsensical religion, doesn’t it? But it is intended to be serious.

  • Is it just me or do those the majority of those epithets perfectly describe key figures in the Republican Party and the religious right? Definitely got Bush & Co, Pat Robertson and Ted Haggard covered anyway…

  • Vincent

    Curse you Siamang!
    now I’m going to have to make a poster that says “God hates people carrying posters” to take to the next rally.

  • fizzy

    That sign has some pretty judgmental names.

  • Polly

    @Autumnal Harvest and others,

    Re: Chick tracts

    That is EXACTLY the teaching I grew up with. It doesn’t even strike me as potentially satirical. It’s pathetic.

    I remember listening to a pastor who stated quite plainly: “Listen, if you are not a believer in Jesus Christ, god is not listening to your prayers. No matter how sincere you might be, he is under no obligation to lsiten or help, though he may do so out of general mercy.”

    Obviously, I’m parpaphrasing. But, that’s the gist of it.

  • TvTropes (linked) says it best, I think:

    “If he were fictional, Jack Chick would be accused of being a Strawman Evangelical Christian. He can perhaps be described as “every negative Protestant stereotype made worse and then rolled together”.”

    All signs point to him being completely serious, which is really rather depressing.

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