Recapping the Score for the Inauguration Prayers January 18, 2009

Recapping the Score for the Inauguration Prayers

Gays are mad that anti-gay Rick Warren is delivering a prayer at Barack Obama‘s Inauguration.

Gays are happy that gay bishop Gene Robinson was invited to deliver a prayer separate from the Inauguration.

Conservative Christians are mad that Obama invited Robinson to deliver a prayer.

Rick Warren is happy that Obama invited Robinson to deliver a prayer.

Conservative Christians are mad that Warren is happy about Robinson.

Reporters are mad that Rick Warren can be against gay relations and happy about Robinson.

Atheists are mad that there is prayer at all in the Inauguration.


Am I missing anything else?

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  • cathy

    Not prayer related, but I’ve heard that the inauguration is going to be inaccessible for many people with disabilities.

  • I’m mad that we’re still using representative government, and aren’t actively mining the space of all possible governments. We really need to stop electing people into office.

  • Tony

    I am disappointed that Obama will not stand beside Thomas Jefferson and forego any religious observances or policy positions, especially concerning the Office of Faith Based Initiatives.

  • So this is the hue and cry over a couple of prayers to the great imaginary sky fairy. Picture the battle that will be engaged when Obama actually starts doing substantive things.

  • Luther Weeks

    What no Santa, no Easter Bunny, no Sandman?

  • I’m not mad about anything. Obama may not be perfect, but after 8 years of President Dumb-As-A-Rock, I’m just glad that we’re all still alive.

  • Erp

    Conservative Christians are also mad that Robinson won’t be saying an overtly Christian prayer.

    I wonder what they are going to say about the Muslim and the Hindu at the prayer service on the 21st.

    Perhaps after all this fuss, Obama will just drop all the prayers if he is re-elected.

  • Miko

    Undoubtedly you’re missing hundreds of other angers. Obama’s campaign rhetoric about how people in fact don’t have differences of opinion sure sounded nice, but it turns out in reality that there actually is a left America, a right America, a liberal America, and a conservative America, as well as a thousand other specific interests, and that we can’t all be placated with a few empty gestures.

    The most disturbing thing is that this brouhaha is confined to a symbolic gesture. When you look at the policy positions and appointments coming out, things get much darker.

    The truth is Obama won by only a few percentage points* while vaguely telling everyone that he supports everything they support (along with some extra help from his opponents being incompetent scumbags). Once he starts actually doing stuff, I suspect that this sort of animosity will become the norm, at least until he either restructures his policies to actually represent everyone beyond token gestures (not likely) or restructures them to outright exclude those with whom he disagrees (choice of every 20th century pres).

    *The fact that this was considered a large margin says something about the sorry state of American politics, but I don’t consider it a ringing endorsement of Obama despite the fact that I too voted for him.

  • J. J. Ramsey

    Miko: “Obama’s campaign rhetoric about how people in fact don’t have differences of opinion …”

    Evidence? That sure looks like a strawman to me.

  • The Vicar

    You’re missing “Republicans are mad that Obama is having an inauguration.” (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

  • weaves

    One step at a time towards a more equal society. Looks like Obama is doing pretty well and pleasing everyone.

    (I think he’d need to ease into returning the separation of church and state, imo. Shockwaves if he cancelled suddenly might be a bit negative)

  • Dan C.

    More like “atheists are annoyed at getting lumped all together as if we all agree on everything.” 😉

  • Jonas

    Obama’s comment on the ‘So Help me God’ phrase is that he plans to say it, (add lib, or not) – Given the difference between Rick Warran and Gene Robinson, which of those two Gods is he seeking help from?

    Curiously though, when I’m called for Jury duty in a few months, I plan to ask to take the ‘affirm’ secular oath, not because I’m an atheist per say. — But because to me the ‘SHMG’ version is blasphemous. To me, if I needed God’s help to be a Juror, we might as well just ask HIM if the suspect is guilty or not. Thus to imply God’s help is necessary is to insult God’s creative talent, and HIS Creation. – Which is Blasphemy under Mass General Law. (though I think that law was repealed)

  • brad

    I’m mad that the inauguration is going to cost so much.

  • I’m peeved that the media seems to have such a squishy handle on the whole Newdow case and the history of God-invocations at inaugurations.

  • Meg K.

    @cathy: I don’t know about anything of the other events, but the inauguration platform at the Capitol is supposed to be ADA compliant.

  • Vincent

    what percentage would you be happy with?
    Obama won with nearly a 7% lead in the popular vote (roughly 53:46).
    That was the same percentage by which Sam Adams beat Thomas Jefferson. Have our politics always been in a sorry state?
    Cleveland won the presidency with less than one half of one percent (.3).
    Ronald Reagan beat James Carter by just over 8%. Was that miserable too?
    Do we have to go to Lyndon Johnson’s 23% victory over Barry Goldwater to satisfy you? or all the way to Washington’s 100% initial election?
    Really, in presidential elections 7% is a wide margin of victory.
    In this past election that was an advantage of more than 9.5 million votes.

  • Darryl

    I’m glad that we have a chance to begin again with people who don’t seem to be as rigid and stupid as Bush’s bunch. I’m hopeful, but realistic. We’re in a for a rough ride.
    I won’t begin to be satisfied until I see an army of functionaries from the Bush administration endure trials for war crimes and human rights violations and crimes against the U.S., and either go to prison, and/or suffer excruciating financial penalties and deprivation of all titles (and all government support). I’m not counting on that.
    “American exceptionalism” should be clearly understood by now: the U.S. is at times exceptionally adventurous and constructive, and also at times exceptionally stupid and destructive. I swear I’m gonna bitch slap the next idiot that spouts the “shining city on a hill” crap!

    Oh, yeah, almost forgot: Karl Rove Republicans suck majorly. Speaking of whom, where is “The Architect?” (Fat Bastard)

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