Mormon Rejection January 17, 2009

Mormon Rejection

Elna Baker tells a great story about trying to meet guys when you’re a Mormon who is waiting until marriage… (she meets an atheist along the way. It doesn’t quite work out.)

Baker is also the writer of one of my favorite stories *ever* from This American Life — the one about working at FAO Schwartz and trying to sell minority dolls to white, upper-class mothers who wanted nothing to do with them.

(And I’m gonna marry her eventually.)

Her own dating adventures remind me… at some point, I should really tell the story of the one time I accidentally went on a date with a midget…

(via The Other Drummer. Thanks to Brett for the link!)

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  • RealismFTW

    Whats wrong with showing up to a church function dressed up as a giant va-jay-jay? During my experience with Mormonism, I met quite a few walking vaginas….

    …you’re right, that was uncalled for.

  • Andrew

    This further confirms my theory that when Joseph Smith was recruiting, he went exclusively after beautiful, funny, awesome women just to frustrate every non-mormon on the planet.

    Seriously, almost every Mormon girl I’ve met has been awesome. It’s not fair.

  • Well since Mormans descend from gods from other planets, it only goes to figure that they will be better looking than the average person who descended from either apes or Noah.

    It was a great story, though!!!

  • HP

    Cute girl. It’s a shame she’s Mormon.

  • D

    Am I the only one concerned that there is a woman clearly giving birth in the audience? Shouldn’t she in a hospital or something?

  • Hoffy

    It’s another oxymoron “mormon comedian” how does someone who follows a gang that had the multi murderer Brigham Young as one of it’s leaders end up doing a comedy routine about a giant vagina, and she’s so attractive to boot, all seems sort of surreal……….

  • B.

    Some of the more obvious anti-Mormon and ignorant comments make me cringe. Are you at all educated or do you enjoy acted like an idiot?

    Honestly, nothing wrong with Mormons, ‘cept their religious. They can be funny, unfunny, hot, not hot, big, small, gay, lesbian, whatever.

    They are just like everyone else.

  • belongsomewhere

    I remember reading an article by this woman in Elle about a year or two ago, in which she detailed her experience dating said atheist. It seemed to go okay for a while, I don’t remember what she said specifically made the relationship go south.

    Does anyone happen to know when that article ran, by the way? I would like to read it again, but I can’t seem to find the publication date anywhere online, and I know I have that issue of Elle lying around somewhere.

  • Hoffy

    Hey B your coming in here high and making crazy talk is the only idiocy I’ve seen so far, their mormons dude their not even remotely like everyone else, go to Salt lake city and wear an Atheist T shirt, go on I dare you

  • Stewall

    From the stories I have heard here in AZ, the mormon virgins do the same as the christians on the abstinence pledge. And I have heard that from several very sober (christian but non mormon) individuals :-0

  • That film is too hilarious!!!

    Her description of Mormon activities is spot-on! Mormon youth conferences always have those dubious-analogy object lessons, like that one with the sticks.

    Also, the thing about making an elaborate costume, requiring glue-gun skills: classic Mormon.

  • Dan C.

    I feel bad for anyone who’s angry enough at any religion to go on an angry tirade any time it’s brought up. I’m sorry if you were hurt by someone in a particular religion, but you really should put it behind you and move on.

  • That was hilarious!

  • Siamang

    That was seriously funny.

    Also, some people in this thread need to seriously chill. Do you people stand up in a Bach concert and say “Great music, too bad the guy was part of a religion that carried out the inquisition and the crusades, and molests altar boys.”

    Back to the topic, this woman is awesome funny and sweet and heartwarming. I hope she wound up finding a guy.

  • Awwphoey

    Being a Mormon, and a guest on your site, I am apalled at the general hostility towards anyone with differing beliefs than you. Here is an insightful person giving you an inside look at the culture of her faith with an objective eye, that frankly, most Mormons would probably be uncomfortable with, and you choose to smear her for her beliefs. What a shame, that I can respect your beliefs, but you can not extend the same courtesy. She’s not shoving her faith down your throat. She is trying to share her human experience.

  • Anion

    @belongsomewhere: I don’t know about the article, but the story you’re talking about is on her website, told in her own voice. It’s a GREATLY entertaining listen.

    And thanks for the introduction, Hemant! I’m really liking her storytelling… I have to go find more! 🙂

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