Atheist Bus Campaign in… Canada? January 16, 2009

Atheist Bus Campaign in… Canada?

Maybe. Soon. So far, so good. They’ve raised $5,000 in less than one day (in part thanks to one *very generous* donor).

The Facebook group keeps getting updated.

And the website is accepting donations.

Which country is next?

I’m thinking… Russia.

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  • Craig Hansen

    They are accepting donations now. I should know – I just donated.

  • sc0tt

    Do they have buses in the Vatican? “Deus probably bogus est…”

  • Richard Wade

    For some reason, I think we’ll see them next in France.

    Probablement il n’y a aucun Dieu. Maintenant, arrêtez de vous inquiéter et appréciez votre vie.

    Everything sounds beautiful in French.

  • I don’t think it would work in Russia. It would have an entirely different connotation than it does in the West.

  • I would love to see an Atheist bus here in Canada! Too bad Ottawa has had a bus strike for 38 days now…

  • Justin jm

    sc0tt said…

    Do they have buses in the Vatican? “Deus probably bogus est…”

    You’ve given me an idea; orbital advertisements* hanging over the Vatican. In any case, given the size, I doubt the Vatican has any public transportation.

    *Seriously, the idea of putting a billboard in space has been considered by corporations.

  • Atheists Buses in… Canada?

    I really hope so!

    I’d love to see an atheist bus here in Fredericton. And then perhaps I would have more luck in starting my secular group at UNB…

    Do they have buses in the Vatican? “Deus probably bogus est…”

    More like “Deus Probabiliter ‘Bogus’ Est!”

  • Lets not forget our Martian friends in the methane caves.

    “Zork bleep blurp mizzik k’ta.”

  • My dad will love it if he sees an atheist bus in Toronto (he emigrated there a few years back).

    My suggestion for the next country may be somewhat… controversial. It’s not even a country, more of a region.

    Why not every single country in the Middle East…?

  • ilaria longo

    bad news: you should remove Italy from the ‘atheist bus’ list, the advertisement agency refused the campaign… i am always more and more ashamed of my origins 🙁

  • weaves

    Come on Australia! COME ON.

  • PrimeNumbers

    Yes, would be great to see an Atheist bus in Ottawa, once the ATU decide to stop the strike. I’m fed up of seeing religious slogans on the back of busses (when they’re running).

  • Probablement il n’y a aucun Dieu. Maintenant, arrêtez de vous inquiéter et appréciez votre vie.

    Interestingly, when I put that through the Google French-to-English translation, I got

    “Probably there is no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”

    But when I put it through the Vatican language translator, it came back as an illegal entry and displayed the following corrected text in French.

    “Il ya très certainement un Dieu et vous aurez sans doute brûler en enfer pour l’éternité.”.

  • Right off the top of my head places that could really use this:

    RURAL USA (if you’re an atheist in New York or San Francisco and don’t know any other atheist, you need to socialize more).
    Saudi Arabia
    Almost all of South America
    Inland Turkey

    Granted, I’m sure these signs are illegal in some places (I’m SURE they’d be illegal in Saudi Arabia) and could get you seriously injured in others, but it’s those places where atheists are truly worst off, where they really need to see the message “You are not alone”.

  • Emily

    I go to U of T and i know a few of the people that are hoping to do this. I’ll keep you updated. n_n

  • Richard Wade

    Jeff, that’s hilarious. 😀

  • Thanks Richard. I, for one, was eating french fries back when everyone else was eating “freedom fries”. 🙂

    I agree that the next atheist bus campaign will probably be in France. Although, probably limited to Paris.

  • It’s for Toronto, of course. Where they have buses whose operators can’t go on strike. Unlike in Ottawa… I’m gonna be off grumbling now.

  • yay! the donations now reached 10K and counting ..Go Toronto!

    Next bus may be in India? or is that more of a wishful thinking? well … may be not. Afterall India’s very first Prime Minister was an open atheist.

  • We’ve already hit 10 grand! Keep donating, everyone, this is fantastic!

  • Wendy

    Vancouver wants atheist buses!!!

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