Mark Driscoll’s Article in the NYT Caught My Attention for Other Reasons… January 14, 2009

Mark Driscoll’s Article in the NYT Caught My Attention for Other Reasons…

There was an article in The New York Times over the weekend about Mark Driscoll, the unconventional pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle.

While the article was interesting, what caught my attention was the byline. The writer of the piece was Molly Worthen.

I have a connection to her.

Here it is:

When I was a freshman in high school, I competed on my school’s Speech Team. (Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.) It’s really competitive in suburbs of Chicago.

Anyway, Molly was a senior at the time at another school. We never did the same events, so I never competed against her.

But one time that year, her school hosted a tournament.

Normally, when you go to a tournament, you’re allowed to compete in two events (out of the thirteen total). But when you host a tournament, you can relax certain rules for members of your own team.

So when her school hosted, they let certain people compete in more events. Molly competed in four that day (because she was just that good).

One of her additional events happened to be mine.

She ended up making it to “semifinals” in more than two of her events. I didn’t make it in mine, so my day was done. Apparently, I was *really* close to making it, but I was a point away. Oh well.


Apparently, the relaxing of the rules could only apply to the preliminary rounds. In other words, Molly wasn’t allowed to compete in the semifinals in more than two events.

So she dropped out of the event I did and opted to compete in her other categories instead.

That meant there was an extra spot in the semifinals for my event. They gave it to me. I did well and made it to the “finals.”

I don’t remember how I did in the finals, but I was thrilled to make it that far. As a freshman, that was a huge deal.

So, thanks Molly!

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  • Lyz

    I did speech throughout high school, and did quite well (made state 2 years in a row, missed finals the second year only due to a bad microphone).


    I cannot properly express my hatred (shared between all “downstate” schools) for the chicago suburbs’ speech teams. There’s a special kind of revulsion you get coming from an underfunded public school system and hearing these suburb kids complaining about how bad their 2-year-old school with gold-plated lockers is. I only exaggerate slightly.

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