Richard Dawkins’ New Book… January 12, 2009

Richard Dawkins’ New Book…

… will be called The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution. The tentative release date will be September 10th, 2009.

He said as much in an interview over the weekend.

It’s available for pre-order on Amazon UK (not yet available for pre-order in America).

While I appreciate his efforts to bring atheism to the public, I’m excited to see him doing what I think he does best: writing and educating people about science.

(via Atheism Examiner)

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  • best news I’ve heard in a while.. i’m looking for dawkins’ new metaphors and straightforward clear explanations about his favourite subject..

  • Ooooh. Can’t wait. Thanks for the heads up. 🙂

  • Kate

    Oh good! So this is the exciting news from the conference you told us about?

  • This is great news, Dawkins’ books were my first introduction into the intricacies of evolution, beyond the simplistic lessons we were given inn high school. He’s a fantastic communicator when it comes to science and wears his passion for the subject on his sleeve. Also, it’s about time this kind of book was written – one which, rather than explaining evolutionary theory yet again, simply points out all the evidence and says “this is how we know it’s right!”. It’ll not shut the hardcore ID/creationist crowd up but, if written as well as I expect it will be, it may win more converts to the cause of rationality than The God Delusion did.

  • J Myers

    Thought his next book was going to be a children’s book extolling the virtues of critical thinking… what happened to that?

  • Mike

    I’m curious how Dawkins’ book will compare with Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne, which I haven’t read but is on my list to buy.

  • weaves

    Released on my birthday….hmmmm.

  • Epistaxis

    The creationists will immediately publish a rebuttal called There’s One Born Every Minute.

  • This is really good news and very good time for a book against the attacks of creationists. We are looking forward to September 10th.

  • SteveN

    Released on my birthday….hmmmm.

    Mine too! September 10th is obviously a good day for this sort of thing. After all, last year they turned on the Large Hadron Collider to celebrate our birthday.


  • I welcome this new book. It sounds like it will be a good read.

  • Dawkins is a brilliant and elequent writer. I look forward to his new book. However, despite the fact that he rejects those of us who have a faith, he is only adding to the wonder and knowledge of the mystery of life by publishing his book explaining scientific findings. It is a fact that God exists and it is utter nonsense to suppose that the wonder of life is chance! Science is like a dictionary offering explanation of meaning. Each word is explained but the whole book is something different. Keep going Dawkins and one day, you may like Malcom Muggeridge change your tune and wake up and realise God’s gift of life.

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