Fifth Annual Meeting of Atheist Group Leaders January 8, 2009

Fifth Annual Meeting of Atheist Group Leaders

This weekend, for the fifth year in a row, the leaders of nearly all the major atheist/humanist organizations in the country will be meeting in Washington, D.C. to discuss ways to collaborate, share resources, and decide best methods to share our message with others.

As soon as I fight off this crazy headache and cough, I’ll be on my way, representing the Secular Student Alliance. (I’m so sleepy right now…)

As always, I’m hoping we can work on further ways of collaborating on ideas and supporting each other. Perhaps begin planning for a Unity Conference…?

If you’d like to send this group of leaders a message or share some suggestions, leave a comment. I’d be glad to share them at the meeting.

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  • The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals will deliver an option on lawsuits over “under God” in the Pledge and “In God We Trust” as the motto. Have these people be prepared to deliver an immediate and substantial response to that decision when it emerges.

    And, I would suggest that the response be made along the lines of, “The government should stop the practice of equating those who do not support a nation under God with one who supports rebellion, tyranny, and injustice for all,” and “The government shall not post any sign that says that because a law-abiding American does not trust in God, that neither the government nor the people should consider him one of us.”

  • Seconding Alonzo Fyfe’s point. “We” is bigger than just those who trust in a god.

  • David

    One of the theist arguments that I (and I suspect most atheists) are faced with is the idea that morality comes through religion and that a lack of religion automatically means a lack of morals. While I am all for the bus and billboard campaigns that let our fellow atheists know they are not alone, I would like to see some form of media presence that will start to erode this religion=morality point of view. Empathy, compassion, and charity are human qualities independent of religion or the lack there of. Nothing will help our cause more than helping theists to understand that in my opinion.

  • I second David’s point and wrote a post arguing the case at Case Study: The Atheist bust Sign Campaign.

    It argued for a campaign specifically designed to counter the claim that “atheist = amoral”

  • I assume you’ll be blogging live? I’ll be watching! I’d be interested to hear if there is any more discussion about a Unity conference, as well as any talk of forming a single cohesive organization, rather than many small groups and countless bloggers.

  • I think you should wish August a Happy Birthday on behalf of all of your readers… and by that I don’t just mean saying “Happy Birthday.” It would need to be sung for the proper effect.

  • As far as the convention goes I like the idea of it being in a convention center and in my mind I picture it like the Comic-Con in San Diego where various merchants and groups could set up tables to sell related merch or advertise new websites, groups, or books. There also needs to be a saturday night social party and if there are any upcoming related films there could also be a screening.

    – Joe

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