Forget Poe’s Law. Hello, Bo’s Law January 5, 2009

Forget Poe’s Law. Hello, Bo’s Law

Poe’s Law is old news.

Now, it’s all about Bo’s Law, which states:

It is impossible to tell through the internet whether a person or organization is legitimately Atheist or is simply a person or organization making fun of Atheism.

If the law is true — and it must be… it’s on the Internets! — it raises this dilemma:

Are the web-sites and blogs that claim to be Atheist, really web-sites created by Christians who are parodying Atheists or by people and organizations who are so deluded to think they are Atheist, but in fact not, and thus lending to the extended parody of Atheism and mental delusion?

Apparently, my website is a prime example of Bo’s Law in action… (and apparently, my name is Hermant, not Hemant. Even I didn’t know that!)

The Friendly Atheist Blog — This blog has a picture of a smug looking brown-skinned fellow, who looks like he was photo shopped. He calls himself, Hermant, thus lending to the confusion about his natural origins as a human (Herman) and more subtly as an insect. The parody becomes completely obvious if you save “Hermant’s” picture onto your computer, and zoom in on his mouth very closely, you will see there is a slight grin on his face. Also, his left eye is much larger than his right eye, which is probably just the result of poor photo-shopping “Herman-ant’s” (as we refer to him in our lectures) blog attracts thousands of other so-called Atheists who post responses to his articles (which at first glance appear to be questions about the world from an Atheist point of view). The blog appears to be authentic, but after close examination it becomes apparent that the creator is actually a Christian (a mild-mannered gentleman with a “Hello, My Name is Hermant” name sticker on his lapel was spotted at the Southern Baptist Convention in Jacksonville, FL a year ago with a tape recorder) who is parodying Atheism. The readers on the other hand are legitimate people who think they are Atheists, while in fact they are not, because according to Bo’s Law, that is impossible. The blog is also hosted by, “WordPress,” a well known Christian blogging corporation dedicated to spreading God’s Word by “pressing” through the internets.

Oh no! I’ve been discovered!

(I must warn PZ Myers before Pastor Deacon Fred finds out about him, too…)

Quick: Everyone say something really atheistic to throw others off the trail!

(via Landover Baptist Church)


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  • David

    I read this right down to the ‘via’ before I facepalmed.

    IMNSHO, further evidence in support of Poe’s Law has been offered here.

  • I dunno… This might be Poe’s Law in action again. 😉

  • Mathew Wilder

    Oh LBC, wilst thou never stop amusing me?

  • ……no words can describe. Poe or not.

  • ubi dubius

    Couldn’t you have mentioned Deacon Fred first? That would have saved me much of my limited supply of headshakes and forehead slaps.

  • Richard

    hahaha! This made my monday better!

    See ya later Hermant!

  • weaves

    Atheists are suffering from a mental delusion that can be cured in many cases by steadfast prayer, and/or mild electro-shock therapy coupled with approved medications prescribed by an authorized Christian Psychiatrist or experienced Pastor.

    What barbaric methods to even suggest.

    So Bo’s law can also be correctly defined/reversed as “There are no true christians because they know in their heart that god does not exist and that their life ends in death. Hence why they are so desperate to live and influence people in their life”

    Personally, my first thought is the sight is Poes Law in effect.

  • Quick: Everyone say something really atheistic to throw others off the trail!

    OK, here goes: ? ? 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971 …

  • That last comment was supposed to read “PI approximately equals 3.141…
    The symbols appeared in the preview, but not in the preview, but not in the published comment. Nice.

  • I knew this all along, Hermant! I noticed that too when I zoomed in on your picture at 2000x. Very fishy!

    BTW, many years ago when I was still a Christian I thought Landover was a real church. It took me a while to figure out it was just a parody. Man I was slow.

  • And we all know that a “brown-skinned fellow” should never appear “smug.” That’s just contrary to God’s law. Or wait – was the skin color photoshopped, too?

  • Landover Baptist is satire. Some folks here need to lighten up!

  • Quick: Everyone say something really atheistic to throw others off the trail!

    Must… reinforce… my… atheism. Must… eat… baby…

  • I like my God Wins Law:

    “As a discussion about atheism on the Internet or in real life grows longer, the probability of a theist mentioning Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, the USSR, China, or North Korea approaches one.”

  • Uh, atheistic, atheistic….

    By Shatner’s thundering trousers, behold! Darwin hath appeared in my cheese sandwich!


  • Sarah T.

    I was lightin’ the torches and gatherin’ the pitchforks, until I read the via! It’s an extra-juicy article considering Landover Baptist is the primary example of Poe’s law.

  • so….Wordpress is supposedly “a well known Christian blogging corporation”. that makes sense, i guess, especially given all the porn sites that use WordPress.

    or so i’m told….heh.

    i note in the photo here, however, that one of the WordPress developers is wearing a Guinness t-shirt, and we all know that Guinness, being a foreign beer, is decidedly un-American, and thus, entirely anti-Christian. i’m not sure this is a good example of an Evangelical Code Developer.

    and here, we find the employees of Automattic, (which runs WordPress), and not one single employee blurb contains the words “Jesus”, “God”, “Christ”, “church”, or…well…anything else religiously oriented. in fact, they proclaim to be “strong believers in Open Source”, not “dedicated to spreading God’s Word by “pressing” through the internets”

    hrm….i just love the practice of argument by false claims.

  • zuckerfrosch

    “and apparently, my name is Hermant, not Hemant.”

    so in reality, you’re not just human, but a He-Man?

  • angel4791

    Was anyone else creeped out by the fact that he’s saving your picture to his computer and zooming in on you, inspecting your features… um stalker?

  • I had suspected that you were just an uppity brown skinned fellow BUT…

    As everyone knows no true brown skilled fellow would be either a) an Atheist or b) have a smug smile or c) be capable of running a website – so you are rumbled my friend.

    As it says in the Bible;
    “…and G_d did make the BroWn skiNNed fellow to know HIS place and his place was under the light skinned fellows SO that HE might know them to be superior and follow them up the garden PATH…” (Joshuasaphates 103.5)

    In our Church ( The Church of the Latter Day Dissimulators for Jebus) we have a saying passed down by the LORD to us froM our founDer THE Rev P T Barnum …

    “…and sayeth the Lord that the Brown skinned fellow shall be there to clean your places and in servitude he shall gain the kingdom of Heaven… and KNOW you that evolution just AINT SO cos’ otherwise that brown skinned fellow he would be your brother and he would just get uppity…”

    (translated from text in the original TEN GOLDEN TOILET SEATS and quoted in “Red Neck Wisdom for the Rapture Age”)

    See? It’s all in scripture if only you know where to look.

    Yours in Jebus
    ( Random capitalization copyright of the Red Neck Brotherhood)

  • What a nasty little church… I won’t be going there… they are so un-Christian!

  • Looks like “bruce hood” just got caught in the tightest web of Irony that can be weaved. He got Poe’d and Bo’d,

    Then with the comment, “un-Christian” partially Poe’d, but hard to tell if he is Bo’d.

  • Becky

    Hahahaha! Well played, LBC.

  • Quick! For some chortles and laughs, turn on the History Channel. It’s Armageddon Week.

  • Heh, ‘Melinda Humes’… I take everything at face value… even if it has two sides!

  • Kaarin

    This was incredibly funny…I am laughing out loud reading the comments here. Yikes!

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