Pita Jesus January 2, 2009

It’s the new year. We need to start it off right.

With Jesus on pita bread.


To the surprise of absolutely no one, it’s being sold.

Hungry, one morning last week, I decided to heat up some pita bread. I broke it into little bits and left it in the oven for about two and a half minutes.

After the pieces began to blacken I took them out. Oddly enough one piece even looked like the “face” of Jesus. I was tempted to eat it but for some reason I didn’t.

Instead, I left it in the pantry until today, when I finally decided that I might as well auction it off.

I guess what you all want to know is whether it’s a coincidence or real apparition. I’m not really sure. All the same, whether you’re a Christian or just curious, happy bidding!

You know damn well what it is.

It’s the Lord.

And he is delicious when dipped in hummus.

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  • Ross

    Not bad! It seems like the seller is mocking the fact that people are willing to buy things like this.

    Also, from the Q&A section:

    Q: do u have a faith or r u taking the custard out of christians
    A: I am a humanist. Make of that what you will.

    Spelling left intact.

  • I think it looks more like Zeus than Jesus.

  • Ex Partiot

    I saw the god Bacchus in a bottle of Merlot and was forced to drink the whole thing and after reading some posts this morning I think I will ned a second bottle

  • It seems to be that an enterprising atheist with a bit of creativity and marketing skill could make a lucrative career from selling this sort of crap on eBay. Unfortunately, I lack both creativity and marketing skill.

  • mikespeir

    I think serendipity might have been “helped along” a little on this one.

  • Tao Jones

    Bidding is up to $65.

    Man, I really should have sold my Jesus crepe.

  • I keep seeing Odin in these things. Maybe I should go Norse!

  • Now that’s a transubstantiation.

  • Frankly, it looks more like the FSM than it does Jesus (especially that Nordic version of Jesus you posted 🙂 ).

  • WTF? I don’t see any pattern at all in that. Normally I can see the stuff but not this time.

    Ah, I looked again and there it is. Looks rather cartoony though, and could be any guy with a beard.

  • Holy smokes that would make a tasty gyro.

  • SASnSA

    Actually I think PZ Meyers found Jesus to taste great with chocolate, at least in cracker form. Though to be fair, it was the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster that served them up.

  • J Myers

    MYERS. It’s not that hard–it’s actually the most common spelling of the name.

  • SASnSA

    Sorry J., I probably should have looked it up, but I had gotten too used to the built in spell-checking that I didn’t stop to think that it wouldn’t help me with the flexible spelling of proper names (I also note with some embarrassment that it was spelled out on the page I looked up for the link).

  • Jodie

    It looks more like a grumpy hippy than Jesus, Zeus, or other more cheerful, bearded men.

  • weaves

    Want an enterprising humanist! I have been inspired.

    It’s $200 at my time of posting

  • Herk

    I squirted some cheese onto a Ritz cracker yesterday and thought how much it looked like the Virgin Mary’s vagina. I wonder what I could get for that . . ?

  • TygerFish

    It seems to be that an enterprising atheist with a bit of creativity and marketing skill could make a lucrative career from selling this sort of crap on eBay.

    Alas, I have too much integrity. What a pita.

  • Adrienne

    The *ultimate* communion wafer. mmmmgood!

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