Illinois Family Institute Teaches Math January 2, 2009

Illinois Family Institute Teaches Math

***Update***: The IFI page has now been fixed. Matheists win!

The Illinois Family Institute is one of those anti-gay organizations run by people who think they know what’s best for you.

Math must not be one of their stronger points.

Take a look at a fundraising blurb they have at the bottom of the screen (relevant portion highlighted):



My friend Lyz who pointed this out to me adds:

Maybe with $35 they could afford a calculator.

(Thanks to Lyz for the link!)

"It's easy to remain ignorant when it's in one's interest to do so."

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  • Tao Jones

    Well we all know math has a liberal bias.

  • MH

    I’d laugh except the Conservapedia claimed the Wikipedia had a liberal bias in their math proof because they allowed for the use of the square root of -1. The details are in the bad math blog entry:

  • Hmmm… for $35/yr you can protect your values… umm.. “protect” from what? Allowing GLBT folks, atheists, and others to have their civil rights will not change Billy-Joe Bigot’s values one iota. They aren’t looking to protect one group’s “values”, but seeking permission to force their values on everyone else. Math expertise is not their only shortcoming.

  • Hilarious, I like all the things the site claims to ‘protect’ you against. It’s the same old thing, religious zealots claiming theirs is the ‘true way’ and anyone not following their way is bad/wrong/etc. The fact that *all* religions claim theirs is right is proof that none of them are in my mind.

    Of course looking at things that are happening today in Israel and the Middle East, what is the root cause of all of that upheaval?

  • Was it Galileo that just got an apology after almost 400 years?

  • Jonas


    Should we send this into ‘Headlines’ w/ Jay Leno. — Think he’ll get it?

  • Clearly it’s their right to impose their values on everyone else that’s under threat. Loss of privilege is often confused with loss of rights.

  • Sam

    Try “less than”

  • I guess they did buy a calculator; the page has been fixed.

  • DearAntarctica

    Aww. <3.

  • I think they’re using one of those old-fashioned Roman 10-month calendars.

    $35 / 10 = $3.50.

  • What Would Professor Pat Pending Do?

    There’s no way I’ll consider March a month under any circumstances. Good to see others have followed my lead.

  • «bønez_brigade»

    As Troll has noted, they’ve now corrected it to say “less than”. Mewonders if “” in their weblogs had anything to do with it.

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