I Think Atheists Win This Round January 1, 2009

I Think Atheists Win This Round

Courtesy of Frank Walton at Atheism Sucks!:


Oh, Sarah Palin, how we miss you

That article referenced is this one by Michael Parris.

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  • *snicker*

  • HA!

  • TLP

    With the ‘aid money’ you could hire private caretakers.

    Missionaries cost more in the long run because of all the extra overhead needed for creating them: churches, bullshit propaganda, media suppression of rational thought, etc.

    All of these cost lots of cash.

  • Funny, but also sad.

  • I’ve encountered Frank Walton before, and this does seem fitting.

  • Are missionary worth anything at all? I depends on how much they concentrate on converting people vs actually doing things to help people.

    Of course, Africa is not a country.

  • Okay, I’ll admit, my brain didn’t actually make the connection between the fact that he used “country” and the fact that he used “continent” until the second time I saw this post.

    Can’t blame me. I’m on winter break. My brain is rotting.

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