All That Dancing Was *Obviously* a Hoax January 1, 2009

All That Dancing Was *Obviously* a Hoax

Matt Harding, Humanist and dancer extraordinaire, address the rumors that his videos are all an elaborate hoax:

The ending still makes me smile 🙂

""Want me to take off my glasses? No? Good call.""

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  • oh no, you just got me crying all over again. happy 2009 to you.

    (i’m pinching this.)

  • My cat sat and watched this with me all the way through. I guess everyone likes Matt!

  • Thanks for posting this. What a great way to start the New Year. Matt is great and can’t help but smile.

  • My son liked the shot from Lemur Island best.

  • Matt’s always amazed me – I am more jealous of him than any other person, and what he does is just amazing. I’d would flail my limbs about with him any day!

  • I love how he starts with the plausible end of the accusations and starts reeling wildly into the fantastic – animatronic dancers, etc – so that it’s clear how absurd some of these hoaxbusters are.

  • Nice exercise in critial thinking.

    Sadly to say, I was totally taken in. LOL

  • Cool!

    Happy New Year everyone!

    I love these videos. This dude is great.

  • Thanks for posting this Hemant.

  • I always alternate between liking Matt for being the nice guy he seems to be and hating him for having such a grossly unfairly awesome job. I’ll give him points for being ballsy though. I don’t think I’d dare dance like a loon in the demilitarized zone.

  • Dean

    Humans crack me up! Thanks Matt.

  • Gribble The Munchkin

    Perfect ending, makes me feel good to be human.

  • Awesomesauce

    Call me a softy, but I cried too. It works every time.