8 Albums “About” Atheism You’ve Never Heard Of December 30, 2008

8 Albums “About” Atheism You’ve Never Heard Of

I’ve never heard of most of these albums and I haven’t heard the songs on them, but it seemed like an interesting theme for a list 🙂

Steve Owen: …Like An Atheist in Nashville


The title implies Owen is an “outsider.”

Hundreds of actual atheists in Nashville would like to disagree.

Believa: Aint No Atheist in Hell


I’m going to go out on a limb and say I agree with the Christian rapper on this one.

Disown: Angels and Atheists


Are these supposed to be opposites?! I’m offended. Everyone knows Christopher Hitchens is an angel in disguise.

Stanley Huang: Atheist Like Me


This is a single off the album of the same name. This one is actually about atheism. Check out some of the lyrics to the song:

i wanna believe in all the miracles too
i wanna believe in all the the fairy tales with you
i want the happy ever after really i do
but how can that be when i don’t know if heavens true

but theses no eternity for an atheist like me

Huang’s record company faced a backlash when the album came out a couple years ago. But Huang was able to release another album afterwards, so no long term harm. Atheists win this round.

Whip: Atheist Lovesongs To God


The title refers to a time when singer Jason Merritt couldn’t find God despite his “desiring the solace such belief would impart.” Maybe someone could have informed him that similar solace can be found with a tight knit group of friends…

Oneida & Liars: Atheists, Reconsider


An album with songs written by two different bands (Oneida and Liars) — including covers of each other’s songs.

According to the reviews, the album poses no threat to atheists whatsoever.

D.O.A.: Festival of Atheists


I don’t know what it has to do with atheism. But it wins the prize for coolest album cover ever.

Sachem Orenda: Ethical Atheism


The album title essentially reflects Orenda’s personal beliefs:

Ethical Atheism was a title I came up with after strongly evaluating the purpose of my music. All of my songs are heavily based on philosophy. As an atheist I have been frustrated with questions of morality outside of a religious basis.

Hmm… this one may be worth listening to.

Why wasn’t I made aware of this album when it came out?!

If you’ve heard any of these albums, let us know what you think!

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  • Erik

    I don’t know these albums, but I highly recommend everyone check out Bad Religion. If you’re not familiar with them, they are in their 28th year of pumping out fantastic punk rock for the thinking man. The singer, Greg Graffin, has a PhD in geology, teaches at UCLA, and writes about evolutionary biology. Many of his songs are influenced by or directly about science and atheism. Here are some of their songs that would interest this group, check ’em out on itunes:
    • Atheist Peace
    • God’s Love
    • Sinister Rouge
    • All There Is
    • Destined For Nothing
    • Materialist

  • Liars is probably my favorite band and the comp between Oneida and Liars is really good.

    Also, Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins has some atheist themed songs. The music genre is country.

  • Based on the titles, these look about as subtle and nuanced as most Christian rock. Music, any music, where the writer’s agenda is the most important thing usually sucks.

  • Syliach

    I don’t know about complete albums but Rush has a 30+ year history as well of songs that I would think would appeal to many here. The last album alone has Faithless and Way the Wind Blows. Even if you are not a Rush fan(I don’t understand how that is possible) the lyrics are still worth a read if you ask me.

  • JT

    yeah I’m a member of that group – there are a lot of us here in Nashville and even more who don’t yet realize they are atheists – I’ve personally shown several “the light” – we’ve got to drag them kicking and screaming out of the closet 🙂

  • Erik,

    You forgot about:

    -Faith in God
    -Damned to be Free
    -Voice of God is Government
    -1,000 More Fools
    -I Want to Conquer the World
    -The World Won’t Stop
    -The Positive Aspect of Negative Thinking
    -Flat Earth Society
    -Faith Alone
    -Operation Rescue
    -God Song
    -No Direction
    -The Answer
    -American Jesus
    -Man With a Mission
    -All Good Soldiers
    -Don’t Pray on Me
    -Better Off Dead
    -Markovian Process
    -Pity the Dead
    -Spirit Shine
    -Come Join Us
    -Prove It
    -Shattered Faith
    -Live Again (The Fall of Man)
    -The Surface of Me
    -New Dark Ages
    -Before You Die
    -Honest Goodbye
    -Dearly Beloved
    -The Grand Delusion
    -Won’t Somebody

    …and that’s not even counting all their other awesome songs that aren’t about science or religion.

  • Bad Religion FTW!! Process of Belief = best album ever~

    Also, kudos to Hemant for mentioning D.O.A. Their album with Jello Biafra (of Dead Kennedys fame) is worth a look.

    As for other “atheist” bands, I would recommend NOFX, Anti-Flag, and The Offspring, to name just a few 😀

    NOFX in particular has an acoustic song called “You’re Wrong” on their album “Never Trust A Hippy,” which they performed on their new live album; they dedicated it to “all the Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews and Buddhists out there….you’re all ****ed….” Pretty kickass stuff~

  • Mara

    Metallica has a song too – The God That Failed.

  • Richard

    Not a Whole Album, but Clawfinger made a song called, “God is Dead”. i wonder what that is about?


  • Mara

    One of the members of the band Propaghandi appeared in Religulous …

  • ricky

    Mara, that’s untrue.

    The person in Religulous is a rapper named ‘Propa – Gandhi’, and has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Canadian punk band.

    Plus, his views are completely different then Propagandhi’s, as they’re staunch atheists.

  • ricky

    Which, I suppose now I should bring Propagandhi to the table. They’re outspokenly staunch athiests, and their music is outstanding. In the booklet of ‘Less Talk More Rock’, they cover an entire page about religion and why they want nothing to do with it.

  • John

    I’m amazed no one has mentioned “Happy Hollow” by Cursive, one of the best concept albums on atheism ever made.

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