My Favorite Holiday Card December 26, 2008

My Favorite Holiday Card

Thanks, Ashley 🙂

And thank you, His Noodliness, for all you’ve given us this year.


Anyone else get any memorable cards this holiday season?

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  • mikespeir

    Are those two roundish things meatballs, or is this Mrs. FSM?

  • This year, I made black cards with white sparkly leaves stamped on them, and either a message of generic winter cheer or an airing of grievances on the inside. They were surprisingly well received!

  • Scott LIchtenstein

    My girlfriend got a card with the top ten politically correct Christmas carols. Hilarious. For instance:

    “Frosty the snowperson”

    “Chestnuts roasting in a safely contained, continuously monitored, eco-friendly nontoxic outdoor fire (for which I do have a permit).”

    “Grandma allegedly got run over by an unidentifeid non-human perpetrator”

    “Deck the halls with boughs of unendangered foliage (if office policy permits)”

    “I’ll be home for a short period of time in December”

  • Scott LIchtenstein

    Additionally, my girlfriends mother gave me a card for Channukah (which I don’t celebrate in the way that Jews are “supposed to”).

    Cover has a bottle of shnaps, some whitefish, and a bagel with cream cheese. A little note says “for Santa.”

    Inside: “Hey, just cause a guy goes to the wrong house doesn’t mean he has to starve.”

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