Sign This For Me December 24, 2008

Sign This For Me

I’ve been to a lot of book signings for other authors. Occasionally, you don’t ask the author to sign their book… you bring them something else.

It might be funny or an inside joke or something personal.

For example, I’ve seen Richard Dawkins sign a banana:


I’ve seen the creators of South Park (Trey Parker and Matt Stone) sign a Bible:



When I went to see theoretical physicist Lisa Randall give a talk recently, a friend had her sign a full page photograph of herself from SEED magazine. (No photos of that, but I assure you the look on Randall’s face was priceless.)

Still, I’ll admit the following is pretty inventive.

PZ Myers signing a (seemingly unconsecrated) communion wafer for a fan:

A question for all of you:

Have you ever had someone autograph something unique for you?

(Thanks to Ashley for the link!)

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  • Allie

    I had the entire cast of Pure Pwnage sign the back of my graphing calculator, and FPS Doug signed a Care Bear just above eyes in the perfect “Boom! Headshot!” position. ^_^

  • phlebas

    Canadian singer Loreena McKennitt autographed a red bra for me many years ago. There is a backstory there 🙂

  • I haven’t, but my wife and I went to see Penn & Teller perform live recently. My wife was called up to assist in a trick, which involved holding a large construction paper cone. After the show, she got them to sign the cone.

    Okay, maybe not that unusual. Some other lady got a fishbowl to take home. That would be a more interesting story.

  • Melissa

    If I had one handy I would bring you a baby to sign =)

  • Emily

    Two members of Reel Big Fish signed my chest… but that’s pretty typical. I normally get tickets and programs signed.

  • I have a Passion of the Christ(tm) New Testament signed by Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens.

  • I’ve had Michael Shermer and PZ Myers sign my copy of Origin of Species.

    Also, not particularly special, but when I spontaneously recognized Phil Plait last Sunday I didn’t have his book with me so I asked him to sign a postcard so that I could tape it into my copy of his book.

  • I once had The Yak sign an empty cigarette packet as it was the only thing to hand.

    Have a cool yule!

  • Matt

    My friend has the only copy in existence of The God Delusion signed by Dan Dennet.

  • Chuck Norris visited the base over here (Turkey) on his way to Iraq last year. He visited my husband’s ALS class and my husband had him sign a can of Red Bull.

  • O NOES!!11!one!1!!1

    I predict that will be something along teh lines (or a gross exaggeration) of Wild Bill Donohue’s reaction to teh video of PZ

    It’s teh perfect desecration, w00t!

  • Someone asked Brian Sapient to sign a coke can at AAI 07.

  • viccro

    I once did an art project on Dale Chihuly, which entailed melting and warping a plastic plate with an acetylene torch…I ate off of it for the longest time after that class. He came to speak at MIT, so I cleaned it off, and went up afterward to have him sign it. Although confused as hell, he did, indeed, sign my plastic plate. =D

  • I got Penn and Teller to sign a roll of duct tape.

    Though Penn _did_ wrongly identify it as gaffer tape.

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