Catholic Google December 21, 2008

Catholic Google

You know how you want to search on the Internet… but you want your results to be Catholicized?

Here’s the search engine for you:


What is this “Catholic Google“?

CatholicGoogle is a custom search engine powered by Google, just for Catholics. We strive to provide an easy to use resource to anyone wanting to learn more about Catholicism and provide a safer way for good Catholics to surf the web.

It’s not sponsored by Google. In fact, it was made by someone in France.

Essentially, they take your searches and rank sites about Catholicism higher than usual.

A few sample searches:




This is *so* not as much fun as regular Google.

(Thanks to Ian for the link!)

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  • If this site is not connected to Google, then this could be a trademark infringement.

  • Miko

    Mattmon: It’s a google custom-search engine. Since Google offers that service, it’s almost certainly protected under fair-use.

    And, completely off topic:
    PhD Comics readers were just treated to a rather unexpected reference to atheism:

  • Since all results seem to be edited/moderated, this is not so much a CatholicGoogle but a CatholicYahoo! You certainly need to be a Catholic Yahoo to think that this is a good idea…

  • I say…. may it be that CatholicGoogle(tm) is a competitor to the one and only Church of Google?

  • What Would Professor Pat Pending Do?

    I’ll admit that I was really surprised what the first link was when you search on ‘child molestation’.

  • Dendrite

    This is nowhere near fair-use. The logo and brand are infringed on Google blatantly. Yes, Google offers customized search engine features but it’s not for so another group can rip them off. I’m sure that’s stipulated in the License anyway. I give this less ten days before going away (which is generous but even the lawyers recognize holidays).

  • Brody

    I love how churches often find it’s completely justifiable to blatantly infringe on the copyright of popular secular brands. I’ve seen church programs and advertisements usurping the design and brand name of television shows like “Survivor” and “Law & Order.” While it’s true Catholic Google and these others MAY have obtained permission, it seems unlikely. Apparently commandment 8 ain’t that important to them as long as they’re “doing god’s work.”

  • Epistaxis

    I was trying to figure out how to set the language to Latin, but it turns out it’s not even available in Spanish. English only.

  • «bønez_brigade»

    Yep, just as I suspected — no results for “Bill Donohue’s obsession with gay sex”. Those whitewashing bastards!

  • Void Fighter

    Funny enough, I found 2 girls 1 cup in a search

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