Atheist on the Bus… December 19, 2008

Atheist on the Bus…

This is the best picture I’ve seen all day:


This needs a good caption…

Also, someone please get me that jacket for Christmas so I, too, can be cool.

(via bitchcakesny)

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  • Tarrkid

    Wasn’t that an early Weird Al song?

    An atheist rides the bus
    An atheist rides the bus
    And another comes on
    And another comes on
    HEY, he’s gonna sit by YOU
    An atheist rides the bus

  • TheDeadEye

    Game, set & match to Tarrkid. Well played, sir.

  • Matt

    RTA = Regional Transportation Atheist

  • Richard Wade

    Atheism: Even when we turn our back, we’re in your face.

  • Rabbi: “I wanted a message from God, not a message from Bob!”

  • Polly

    Gee, I wonder what he’s reading?

  • Even though Mr. Wade whacked it out of the ballpark:

    “He must be getting off at Athei Street.”

  • Which man thinks, “Get behind me Satan?”

  • Well it looks like it could protect him from the elements quite well. It is highly probable that no god has chosen to smite him with lightning. I want one now.

  • Jason

    “Good thing I’m sitting down, because I’m gonna plotz.”

  • Steve

    The full story is this:
    The Imam sat behind him, who in fact is really a new ‘Born Again’ convert, stabs the guy in the back. As he falls forward, dying from this fatal blow, the full extent of the message on his jacket becomes clear as it reads;
    “Atheist Hater.”
    Another own goal for the religious bigots – a knee-jerk reaction like we see all the time.

  • “Atheism: always ahead of you”

  • Richard Wade

    The rival street gangs, the “Crusaders” and the “Atheists” had turned the neighborhood into a war zone with their constant fighting. Moshe just wanted to get home…

  • Richard Wade

    Having only recently taken his vows as a Theravada monk, Steve hadn’t realized that his bright orange saffron robes were not warm enough for the early evening chill. Fortunately, his college friend was kind enough to loan him a jacket, but he hadn’t noticed…

  • El Zilcho

    Pastor Bob’s rebellious daughter ruins his favorite jacket for the last time.

  • Erik

    So an atheist and a rabbi get onto a bus…

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