Treat Atheists Like Trolls, Says Michelle Malkin December 18, 2008

Treat Atheists Like Trolls, Says Michelle Malkin

Try watching this FOXNews clip without thinking of any snarky comments and comebacks.

I dare you.

I lose my own bet. There’s too much insanity in just a few minutes…

The “Thou Shalt Not Steal” sign is not there for the atheists. It’s to remind Christians what they supposedly believe in.

Christianity is not going to disappear anytime soon — regardless of what atheists do. Gretchen Carlson is wrong. As Keith Olbermann said on his broadcast tonight (paraphrased), when Michelle Malkin is the voice of reason, you know you’re in trouble.

Not that she’s at all reasonable here.

We don’t need a day without atheists. Atheists are already forced by many to remain in the closet. What we need is a Day Full of Atheists where more people come out.

I would also really like to meet the atheists who are among Malkin’s closest friends…

She also adds that making fun of atheists — “mocking” them — is “probably the second best solution” (not giving us attention is the first).

To quote one of the commenters on this site:

Why Michelle, that’s very Christian of you.

What else would you respond to…?

(via Atheist Media Blog)

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  • Ross

    Wait, wait, wait… Is Gretchen Carlson supporting theft? It sure seems like it!

    Exactly my thoughts on the “Thou Shalt Not Steal” sign, Gretchen missed the point entirely.

  • My favorite line: “I think making fun of them too, and mockery, is probably the second best solution.”
    Why Michelle, that’s very Christian of you.

  • PrimeNumbers

    Pot calling kettle black. What a bunch of utter plonks.

    And saying “thou shalt not steal” is an insult to Xtians? Well, I guess if it’s an insult, it must be because it’s true, right? Bloody hypocrits.

  • Nancy

    I think “making fun” and “mocking” is probably the BEST thing to do to FOXNEWS. What a bunch of self-righteous blowhards!

  • Jesse

    Stopped watching halfway through. How can they condense so much stupidity into that little time?

  • mikespeir

    Gretchen says she’s worried about Christianity going away if Christians don’t stand and fight. I thought God wasn’t going to let that happen.

  • I have a good comeback: Wasn’t Michelle Malkin the lady who wrote In Defense of Internment?!?! That’s how seriously we should take her.

  • Idea: how about having those who disapprove of atheists give up all modern medicine? Given that 93 percent of Academy of Science level scientists are atheist or agnostic, it is all but certain that an atheist had a major hand in any major scientific breakthrough.

  • Well, I tried watching it without thinking of any snarky comments and comebacks, but I only lasted a few seconds, it’s totally impossible. At least the video didn’t make me mad, because the hostess and Michelle pretty much are parodies of themselves. It’s really as funny as a good Stephen Colbert bit.

    And I’m happy to see that Michelle’s star stopped rising a while ago.

  • How about a decade without Michelle Malkin?

    I call her Our Lady of Perpetual Outrage.

  • Brandon

    “I read about about a women who wanted to ban Rudolph the red nosed reindeer because it was too Christian…”

    Somehow I think it’s much more likely that it is banned because it is not christian enough.

    “This is serious business”

  • Angel

    “It just emboldens them…” and “we let this happen, they’ll just take over.”
    I wonder if this woman thinks about what she says. If she had been talking about any other group rather than atheists—a race, or a sex, for a example—-it would be considered a hateful statement.
    I don’t usually call people stupid, but, wow….

  • Arnaud

    Haha, yes. Make fun of those weirdos who don’t believe an invisible sky fairy is watching them 24/7. 😀

  • Chad

    Lady, Christianity is dying because in the age of information people are waking up to the massive fraud it’s been for 2k years.

    You can’t expect any kind of sound reasonability on these fnc show, just a freak show.

  • Justin jm

    I have a good comeback: Wasn’t Michelle Malkin the lady who wrote In Defense of Internment?!?! That’s how seriously we should take her.

    Good point. Hey Malkin, why don’t you just tell us to go live in the internment camps? Or just call the FFRF sign “unhinged?”

    Seriously, I’m not that angry over the video; you can’t fix stupid.

  • rico

    Hard to believe they are adults. Their logic is infantile at best. I find their superiority complex to be suffocating. The ironic thing is that the sign really reveals that a lot of christians are just hypocritical brats looking for some way to be victimized. As if they are the only ones with any moral judgement and that they alone can dispense the justice against anyone who doesn’t believe in their little fantasies. Atheists are a threat to their ignorance. If anything, it is they who deserve to be mocked like trolls.

  • James

    Wow Fox, wow. Yes, the only reason people don’t go running around killing each other is because there’s a commandment that says not to. Are you f’ing kidding me? This is one of the most often used, but weakest, arguments for Christianity. It’s common sense, that’s all the commandments are. I’m so glad I’m not brainwashed.

  • UnspeakableyViolentJane

    Well, James! It works for stealing. Oh wait.

  • MarkLempicki

    All I can say is Wow. How does ramblings like that make it onto tv? Oh right, it’s fox. Oh look the atheists said we shouldn’t steal, how funny, now go take their sign before they take over.

  • I think I facepalmed like three or four times.

  • Kat

    Wow. I couldn’t even watch the entire thing.
    They thought one of their own commandments was an insult?
    Are they that dumb?

    Gretchen Carlson supports people stealing the signs, she wants to mock and make fun of atheists, and wants others to do it too.
    What’s that whole thing about casting stones? Loving your fellow man?

    It truly saddens me that there are people like them, so filled with hatred of anyone who does not believe exactly as they do, that they would encourage such bad behavior.

  • I got to 47 seconds before I had to stop it.

  • El

    Guys, that’s stupid. I was born atheist. For all my life I never celebrated Christmas (except as an excuse to have a drink with friends, if it happened the time we met), I always celebrated secular New Year, but those atheist protests are pathetic!

    Why do you care if somebody celebrates the birthday of Mithra? (Yeah, that’s what xMas is. When Christianity absorbed Mithraism it also absorbed birthday of Mithra on December 25 as the birthday of Christ) Why object to that? Let people enjoy it.

    Do you feel it’s more important to spoil somebody else’s holiday than having your own? I’d drink on xMas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Ramadan – all 30 days in a row (whatever the spelling of those holidays is) if it helps me to get together with people. What are you? Professional haters? Why prozelytes are always overdoing things, no matter what religion – or atheism – they are converted to?

  • El

    And to the subject, stealing signs is bad, but those signs in the first place are stupid. You treat atheism as a religion and push it with propaganda, how bad is that? And if anybody wants to give me piece of mind, feel free to do so at ibnazer at

  • “Alright Michelle, you and I are of the same vein on this…”

    Wow, way to introduce an alternative viewpoint, Fox News.

    How exactly is reminding Christians of one of their commandments an insult? Just another public figure whose personal mission it is to be offended.

  • Paul

    Only fox news would make such a big deal out of this.

  • Eliza

    Where’s Megyn Kelly when you need her? (Probably slugging down a stiff drink, having to listen to crap like this all day at work.)

    Irony alert: The Ten Commandments are from the Torah (both the 10 they’re talking about, and the second, completely different, set given in Exodus after Moses, in anger, broke the tablets listing the first set). They’re Jewish, not Christian.

    Jesus supposedly only taught 2 commandments – see Matthew 22:37-40:

    Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

    Oops, Gretchen & Michelle. Your violation of your head guy’s 2nd commandment is showing.

    To quote (or at least paraphrase) Obama from a speech during the primaries: Some people haven’t been reading their Bible.

  • Jude

    Malkin. Bah. A retarded windbag who makes her living selling highly partisan crap to retarded individuals. I had a row with a guy that I knew over this and Sarah Palin. Apparently he thinks that Palin isn’t clueless and what Malkin had to say is correct. Fucking retard. I’ll never figure out how someone could say without being sarcastic that In Defense of Internment is not a partisan piece of literature, or that when people criticize her it’s not on merit but simply because “everyone will get criticize.” That maybe be true in some cases but for Malkin it’s not. The video above is pretty good evidence of that. Good thing I threw that god awful friendship out the door! I’d rather let people who worship Palin and Malkin to fap anywhere but in my presence.

  • Andy


  • Wow, there were so many things popping through my mind- it’s totally free right now as I’m not concerning myself with the birth of a savior- that I need to watch the video again so I can I have the web version of a AAA roadmap to map my snarky thoughts.

    Given that I’ve seen the dare portion of the game, I’ll take truth please. Truth seems so Readers’ Digest version of this game and I’ve got shit to do next week.

  • kesse

    Wow, how ridiculous that we even half to discuss this religious shite any more; Funny how the revel in their profound ignorance.

  • Maria

    I agree they’re stupid and making way too big a deal. However, so much has been said in atheist circles that atheist should “mock and ridicule” the religious. Some groups like RRS even support putting them all in mental institutions. Should it really be that surprising when the religious do it back? These types of things go both ways. And a nativity sign was stolen as well as the non religious sign. Sounds like everyone just won’t leave well enough alone and let people enjoy the holidays. I’m just sick of the whole thing, it’s the same thing every year.

  • Maria

    oh and if that thing about Rudolph the red nosed reindeer is true, it’s utterly ridiculous. This is what I mean by going too far

  • darter22

    OK, so some silly commandment is not enough to keep some Christians from stealing when it suits their purpose. How about putting the sign under video surveillance and letting them become You Tube stars. Bet they would love that. Fundy trap anyone?

  • anonymouse

    mikespeir Says:
    Gretchen says she’s worried about Christianity going away if Christians don’t stand and fight. I thought God wasn’t going to let that happen.

    My thoughts exactly. “…Our god is an awe- guys! Don’t talk bad about him or he’ll disappear!….” That blonde woman was just really, really dense. She didn’t see the PURPOSE of posting “Thou shalt not steal”. Uh…

  • what stupid, bigoted arrogance. these people get paid for this.

  • weaves

    Poor things, getting so tired over a non-existent war.

  • GAH! I made it to 7 seconds.

    7 seconds – “An atheist sign post near a nativity scene“…No, no, no. It’s positioning near a Christian symbol has no bearing on the theft.

    11 seconds – “the anti-religion group” – Grr! FFRF has been working since 1978 to promote freethought and to keep state and church separate. Yes, clearly that means being anti-religious. /sarcasm

    15 seconds – “Oh yeah, you’re an atheist but let’s use one of the ten commandments to prove our point” – Good grief! When will these idiots try to understand that there are some good ideas in the bible. Statistically speaking there really has to be in a book that big. Plus the point is to remind theidiots (as opposed to reasonable Christians who probably wouldn’t steal anyway) to obey their own much vaunted moral imperatives. You’d think it would be fairly straightforward.

    28 seconds – “I just so enraged by all these atheist displays and trying to push Jesus to the back seat”. – Good. Now you know what it feels like to have your beliefs trodden on. Not that they have been though when you think about it. The sign is sharing equal space in the same building, not hanging over the manger while Hemant munches on baby Jebus burgers.

    If it incites an emotional response then you should really ask yourself why. Is the idea of atheists so challenging to a Christian view? Is it not a better way to constantly challenge accepted views in order to chip away at the weaknesses and fully understand the strengths of the opinion? Clearly too difficult an idea.

    35 seconds – “I’m starting to get Christmas wars fatigue…every year now for the last 5 or 6 years we’ve seen these outbursts and these tantrums from people who can’t just leave well enough alone and let people enjoy the good cheer of the season” – Then don’t make it a fight. It doesn’t have to be. Just enjoy your own faith and leave everyone else to go and enjoy their own without trying to force baby Jesus down everyone’s throat.

    53 seconds – “I think this is really a result of identity politics run amok. now atheists need 15 minutes of fame” – Identity politics is political action to advance the interests of members of a group whose members are oppressed by virtue of a shared and marginalized identity (such as race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and neurological wiring). The term has been used principally in United States politics since the 1970s. By Michelle’s argument we shouldn’t pander to any sort of minority (in terms of power) group. Blacks want to stop being treat like second class citizens? Gays want equality in marriage and law? Women want equal pay? Sorry, that’s identity politics run amok.

    1 minute. I actually made it this far. – “I will not be surprised when we have the next trend which is these atheists claiming that they are somehow so indispensable that we need a day without atheists.” That’s an idea. A bloody stupid one but at least an idea. If atheists were limited to one industry or social group it might be worthwhile but we come from all walks of life and work in all areas. It’s true that there are proportionally less of us in prison and more in the higher intellectual institutions like universities and in scientific research but that’s just a broad trend and not a clear differentiation.

    1:10. – “I have to say some of my best friends are atheists” – No, you don’t. You’re saying it to appear less bigoted but it actually makes you look worse. “I have to say that some of my best friends are Asian (black, gay, women, disabled, Canadian, Muslim, whatever)”

    1:16 – “I would advise people of faith…not to go stealing their signs” – Finally something reasonable is said. But wait.

    1:25 – “Let them make fools of themselves in the public square and say a prayer for them.” Actually go ahead. Let us make fools of ourselves, that is precisely what we are asking for, the same rights as any other member of the public. Christians can pray for me if they like, what do I care? I see prayer as wholly without merit or power except to help someone to structure their own thoughts. Pray all you want, go ahead.

    1:29 – “If you let them do that, over time they will have the control..if you don’t stand up and fight for it, it might just disappear. I’m talking about Christianity” – I think that this is the most revealing comment in the whole clip. If atheists are allowed an equal say in the public forum then Christianity is so weak that it will wither before the onslaught of reason. It is better to repress the minority voice than to allow it to speak. There are Christians who see no threat at all in atheism because they are confident in their faith. It is telling that such fear is so close to the surface for others.

    1:46 – “You treat these people like trolls” followed by an idiot’s guide to what a troll is. – Ignore any view that doesn’t support your own, don’t try to engage the atheist in reasoned debate or discussion. Run, run, the atheists are coming!

    2:01 – “Are you going to take your own pledge, swear on a stack of bibles, that you are not to give them attention any more? Are you going to ignore the atheist movement?” – OK, atheist movement aside is this a reasonable question? At face value you have Michelle saying ignore them and they’ll go away and the other two (sorry I don’t know their names) saying that they should oppose atheists actively. Is it reasonable to ask a syndicated columnist if they are going to stop commenting on a topic. No, keep talking about it, free advertising is good. A pretty weak defence follows

    2:23 – “Making fun of them too and mockery is probably the second best solution” – I was immediately reminded of a biblical story from this statement where Jesus was forced to wear a crown of thorns in mockery of his claims to be King of the Jews. A little gentle mockery is OK and to be expected when opposing views meet but are the options really 1. ignore them and 2. take the piss. If atheists bother theists then shouldn’t one option be to talk about and to the opposing view and try to understand it. I know that I try to mix up my mockery of Christians with a bit of understanding, if nothing more than variety.

    2:33 – “A woman wanted to ban Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer because she thought that was too Christian. One of the most secular Christmas carols out there and she’s offended because it is too religious.” – A completely different story with no background information. I call appeal to ridicule.

    I gave up after that, it was just repetition ad absurdum. How do they fit this much crap into 3 minutes?

    Did I miss anything?

  • Beowulff

    I loved how Malkin started stammering after the guy asked her if she was going to follow her own advice to ignore the atheists, I really laughed out loud. Good thing my office room mate is out today.

    And I can’t help but savor the irony of Carlson proving the FFRF right that religion hardens the mind, by continuously repeating how enraged she is by all this. If the shoe fits…

    Also, she seems to have very little faith in her own faith, if she thinks a few signs like this pose a real threat to Christianity.

  • Beowulff

    El: like many others, you are sidestepping a major part of the issue: what is a nativity scene doing in the state capital anyway? Or a menorah? No atheist objects to churches and private citizens setting stuff like that up on their own property, nor objects to people enjoying their holidays. Why do they need to use public property for this, why isn’t it enough to put these displays on their own property? Think about it.

    Yes, the sign there is stupid and unnecessary – that’s the whole point. All displays there are stupid and unnecessary. Let them enjoy their holidays – and let them keep the government out of it.

  • patrick

    Michelle is right, most communications I’ve seen from atheists are trollish in nature, especially when mocking other peoples beliefs.

  • Michelle hates her asian back ground and is sooo lucky her family was allowed here…also….she could pass for a troll

    Oh…has someone asked her is she ever thinks an “asian-mix” will ever step into the white house and house and how she feels about a less worldly known for their intelligence “mixed” person race beat them to it?

  • Me


  • “Some of my best friends are atheists”

    That’s a bigger bullshit story since the bible.

  • mlk

    This sort of crap is why I don’t watch much TV anymore. Who needs the intrusion?

  • J. J. Ramsey

    I couldn’t think of any snarky comments, but I did make sort of a mouth snort when Malkin said that some of her best friends are atheists. Hasn’t that line become a discredited joke by now?

  • leo

    lol the funny part is that they agree if they let the ATHIESTS have their say and advertise that atheism is a choice you can make… that then christianity will soon be gone.. LOL thank you for confirming that if you let people choose for themselves that eventually religion will not exist LOL! She said if you do not put a stop to athiests then they will win… ROFL! uhh yea its called THOUGHT and REASON…

    michele is a idiot, the blond in the video is even dumber though, she is a completely brainless human, unless she says what she does for ratings and to keep her job.. which is also a very good possibility. Its almost like FOX tries to make sure that they can keep 100% of that demographic of watchers. And the bolnd says at the END, ATLEAST TO ME ITS A BIG ISSUE, uhhh there are so many important issues out there and you are getting hung up on this as if it is the MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE… rofl!

    And atheists are not trying to get jesus to sit in back of the bus, we want people to realize you can either sit with jesus or you can sit with a reasonable, thoughtful, caring person and achieve the same if not more than you would sitting next to jesus.


  • Mary

    I seriously don’t understand the Christian’s utter insecurity in thinking atheists are going to cause the extinction of their faith. CHRISTIANS are causing the extinction of their faith by being angry, bitter, exclusionist and hypocritical.

  • I think that we should all just ignore Michelle Malkin and maybe she’ll go away. If not, we can just mock and ridicule her.

  • Logan Serman

    I think the funniest part of this is the very end, where Fox News moves to more, very serious business:


    Give me a break… this video is so ridiculous it would have been stupid on youtube let alone national television.

    This woman thinks that the Atheist’s are plotting revenge against the Christians and want to take over the world. Please. Last time I checked, Atheism has never started a war or caused violence. We have people killing others in the name of their religion, priests molesting children, yet when an Atheist puts a sign up it is a big deal?

    Her logic on the ‘Thou shall not steal’ is just pathetic. Right then I knew it would only get worse… it did.

  • AJ

    let’s make fun of them and mock then. LOVELY sentiment she advises her fellow “christians” to do. I didn’t know the bible said, “turn the other cheek and make fun of them and mock them.” I guess I missed that day when I was getting an A in my new testament class.

  • Beowulff

    J.J. Ramsey: it’s still a useful warning though. “Some of my best friends are [members of group]” is a great indicator that some stupid, insulting stereotype about [group] will soon follow. I don’t think we were disappointed here.

  • Ugly American

    Regardless of the religion, 100% of religious extremists tested in fMRI machines had damage to the left temporal lobe of their brains.

    Religious experiences can even be induced by disrupting that part of the brain with magnetic fields.

    People interpret the effects in their own cultural context but the area is the same for all religions and even UFO ‘abductees’ – even when you warn people ahead of time what will happen, it seems real to them.

    It’s been documented for decades in the USSR, USA, etc. Go google it.

  • Micah

    It’s interesting that Malkin says that Atheists are just looking for attention and if you give them attention it emboldens them even more… I believe she just described herself, she seems to always be saying something inflammatory and seeking attention. If you look at the things she says on her blog and the book she wrote “The Case for Internment” on reasons why it made sense to intern Japanese Americans, I think you’ll agree. I mean after all that is how bloggers make money, they need to have lots of traffic to their sites to sell advertising…

  • Ape Toast

    A Jewish mother (this story) thought the word “Christmas” warranted Rudolph’s removal from the school program.

    Debatable . . . and completely irrelevant.

  • Anonymous

    Ugly American Says:
    December 19th, 2008 at 11:34 am

    Regardless of the religion, 100% of religious extremists tested in fMRI machines had damage to the left temporal lobe of their brains.

    Religious experiences can even be induced by disrupting that part of the brain with magnetic fields.

    People interpret the effects in their own cultural context but the area is the same for all religions and even UFO ‘abductees’ – even when you warn people ahead of time what will happen, it seems real to them.

    It’s been documented for decades in the USSR, USA, etc. Go google it.

    [citation needed]

  • Joe

    Michelle Malkin was like nails on a chalkboard, as usual.

    But to be fair, trolling is exactly what the FFRF is doing.

  • J. J. Ramsey

    Joe: “But to be fair, trolling is exactly what the FFRF is doing.”

    The FFRF is engaging in a protest to raise awareness. I certainly find fault with the details of the sign used in their protest, but the protest is legitimate, and writing it off as mere trolling is unfair.

    Now as for Michelle Malkin being a troll, well, …

  • Gretchen: “Let’s use one of the Ten Commandments to prove our point.”

    It’s called a cruel irony, like your right to vote…

    And good cheer of the season…? Where is the good cheer in celebrating a god that came to damn us all?

  • Yeah, but who really cares what Fox news thinks?

  • Jason T

    Actually, I’m a Christian, and a friend of mine showed me this. I can’t help but to be embarrassed with things like this. Regardless of the fact I may disagree with someone’s viewpoint, everyone has a right to believe what they want. Honestly, I’d encourage all of you to consider totally ignoring people like this. How they argue and what they argue usually don’t provide any benefit to anyone whatsoever. It’s quite sad.

  • Technobull

    As a troll atheist, all I can say is “Iz under yo bridge steeling in yo jezuz.”

  • millinniummany3k

    The whole issue, the entire atheist issue, is nothing short of retarded. When they take up Dawkins’ claim of an atheist call to arms and are not content with their own nonbelief, they have to force it on others as well, then they are trollsMaybe if we ignore these atheist trolls they will go away, and…this is the mist important part, we can get back to atheism being a belief there is no god as opposed to some putting atheism across as not only must there not be a god, he must not be allowed to exist and no one must be allowed to believe in him.

  • AquinasMan

    Inquisitions Rock!
    I think the Federal Government ought to consider internmnet of the more vociferous moral relativists. They are, indeed, a threat to national security. They cannot say it would be wrong; as they do not believe in Natural Law. Therefore, the constitionan can be changed to allow it. See how wonderful legal positivism works!

  • stw

    Oh, by the way Robin Capper, apparently a lot of people care what Fox News says considering their ratings.

  • Nothing angers them more than the fact that we’re no longer invisible and silent. They want so badly to shove us back into our closets so they can go back to running everything and pretending they’re the only game around. And, of course, they’ll do whatever they feel necessary to achieve that goal.

  • ASD

    I would probably send her an image of 4chan’s Trollface Guy (or Epic Fail Guy) holding a sign with a copy of the Sentencing Act section on penalties for theft and ask her if that is less offensive. I mean, it’s the same idea right – only mine tells you why you shouldn’t (jail, fines, etc.)

    Alternatively…put another sign up reading ‘It Is Not Polite Or Nice To Steal Things’. Because that’s also true.

    Still, it would be nice if the Christians would ignore us. I mean, I’d run out of people to bait /b/ with, but I’d probably have less headaches and yell at people and listen to loud angry music less if they did completely ignore my atheism.

  • ASD

    @darter22 : I have a mobile webcam and I can send the feed to the local police.

    Some people need to be reminded that the law doesn’t care if you’re Christian, Muslim or a follower of Odin, if you steal things you have broken the law, and there will be consequences. Like prison. And fines.

    And having finally forced myself to watch the whole video, I suggest Michelle start seeing a counsellor before her paranoid delusions about various groups trying to take over the country get any worse. She might also want to apologise on air to these ‘atheist friends’ because I’m sure that they aren’t her friends anymore (if she even had them in the first place).

  • ASD

    @darter22: well, we are well within the law to install a security camera in order to prevent theft. I’d say the organisation who put the sign up should go right ahead – it’s been made clear that people will steal and vandalise the signs, so it’s justified. (Why they didn’t have cameras and/or security guards in the first place is beyond me.)

    Some people need to be reminded that the law doesn’t care if you’re Christian, Muslim or a follower of Odin, if you steal things you have broken the law, and there will be consequences. Like prison. And fines.

    And having finally forced myself to watch the whole video, I suggest Michelle apologise on air to these ‘atheist friends’ because I’m sure that they aren’t her friends anymore (if she even had them in the first place). I’d also like to remind her that the story about Rudolph was from a Jewish woman offended by the use of Christmas in the story – and is completely irrelevant to the discussion. And I’d like to remind her of the actual definition of trolling, and show her some screenshots of when Christians have targeted atheist and agnostic websites, blogs and forums.
    (We’ll ignore 4chan’s /b/ because while it’s got some spectacular examples of Christian trolls, it’s /b/. It’s the cesspool of the Internet. By even considering following a link to /b/, you’re basically asking to be trolled by the /b/tards. And they will troll you regardless of your religion or lack thereof.)

    (admin – sorry for the triple posts, browser crapped out on me while I was posting.)

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