Seashell Jesus By the Seashore December 17, 2008

Seashell Jesus By the Seashore

Quick: What do you see?!


If you said three random seashells… you lose.

Correct answer: A Nativity Scene. That’s Joseph, Mary, and Jesus.

Even better is the story behind it:

The longtime high school friends and Jasper residents [Elaine Buchta and Diane Manley] casually were strolling along the beach in St. Augustine, Fla., two months ago when Buchta, 56, spotted a seashell and said, “That looks like Mary.”

About a minute later, Manley saw a shell and said, “That looks like Joseph.”

They both said they were “kind of freaked out” by the discoveries. They began looking for a Baby Jesus shell, but soon gave up, wondering what would such a shell look like.

[Hours later] While sitting in a chair by the water’s edge, Buchta looked down at the water washing in and suddenly exclaimed, “Oh my God, it’s Baby Jesus.”

One friend, a high school religion teacher, showed pictures to her class.

“Her kids said it was a sign, that it had to mean something,” Manley said. “Those shells found us, basically. It was like they were reaching out to us for some reason.

You read that right. The shells found them… after the friends specifically searched for two of them over the course of a couple hours.

“Why would these shells just come to us?” wondered Manley. “I believe they were meant to be in Elaine’s possession. No money would be worth these. You can’t put a price on something like this.”…

Despite their claims otherwise, I would start the eBay countdown.

5… 4… 3… 2…

Oh, pareidolia, how we love you.

(Thanks to jedipunk for the link!)

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  • They kind of remind me of women in Burquas (sp)

  • They look like walruses to me *shrugs*

  • mikespeir

    About a minute later, Manley saw a shell and said, “That looks like Joseph.”

    Wow! I couldn’t have told you what Joseph looked like.

  • Holy mother of pearl!
    I see it! I see the nativity!
    It’s a Christmas miracle!

  • I couldn’t see the nativity till I read the title of your post and realized it was supposed to be a nativity. I saw seals first, believe it or not. XD

  • Tarrkid

    The one one the right looks like the Oogie-Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

    Well, maybe not, but it looks like that just as much as it looks like Joseph!

  • Joseph R.

    @Jackie: I saw seals too. I don’t know why.

  • I see baby Jesus, but I also see two ninjas stealing him to make him into ninja Jesus years down the road so he won’t get caught and killed on the cross in an odd time travel comedy from Michael Bay. Anyone else see that?

  • The one one the right looks like the Oogie-Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

    Too damn funny. Now I won’t be able to picture the nativity scene any other way. XD

  • elianara

    I’m with noodleguy, I see walruses too. Especially the dark one does look like one.

  • Arnaud

    They kind of remind me of women in Burquas (sp)

    Ditto. 😀

  • Awesomesauce

    Wait, the one one the left is Joseph right? Or is it Mary? My left or stage left? I see the three ghosts of christmas.

    I also see Pac-Man with a monocle in the patterns on the dark shell.

  • The one on the right looks like the thing that killed Tasha Yar.

  • Epistaxis

    I see seashell shills.

  • RobL

    My first thought was women in burqua’s holding out a tray of warm Dolmas. But then again I’m kind of hungry right now.

  • Ape Toast

    Truly a sign. A couple months rent paid.

    Thank you EBAY!

  • At the risk of committing blasphemy (we wouldn’t want to do that would we?), it looks to me like Mary is about to introduce Joseph to a rather large strap on.

  • Lost Left Coaster

    How can us atheists say that we see no evidence for the existence of God? I mean, HE SENT SEASHELLS TO HUMANKIND IN THE IMAGE OF THE NATIVITY for chrissakes.

    At this point, I think it is solely our willful ignorance that will be to blame when we roast in Hell.

  • Amy

    Yep, my first thought was walruses. I’m constantly baffled by people whose first thought jumps to the nativity (or just Mary or Joseph). There are a multitude of things that those shells could resemble.

  • Brian C Posey

    Not that it’s an omen or anything, but the “Jesus” does kind of look like a baby wrapped in blankets.

  • stephanie

    Mary and Joseph were walruses?

    How has the church managed to keep this covered up for so long???

  • Astonishing! After hours of searching on the beach, we found a seashell that’s sort of stumpy!

    It’s a Christmas miracle, I tell you!

    I gotta say: I can more or less see how the two larger figures look sort of like people in cloaks. (Although like others here, I saw them as women in burqas at first,) But the Baby Jesus? It looks like a lumpy seashell. I am not seeing it at all.

  • i couldn’t let you be shellfish about this, so i linked to you from my own post. this is just too funny. i figured, what the shell? life’s a beach, you know.

  • Bill M

    They look like Dementors to me.
    Harry Potter is real.

  • Vincent

    those 2 ring wraiths are about to kill that poor sleeping hobbit!

  • If they had found the shells in a group like that I could just about see it – but individual shells?

  • llewelly

    The one on the right is a morbidly obese Jawa. The one on the left is a shambling mound.
    How they had a child together, I don’t want to imagine.

  • That’s funny, all I see is a way to sell something to gullible people.

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